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April 27- May 3, 2015 Leads us to a Full Moon in sensitive Scorpio. Emotions are bubbling up for release. Intangible flutters of feeling are swirling into reality from the deep dark depths.

The wounded healer Chiron is activating our urge to mend what is bruised and broken with in us. And magical Neptune is softening this weeks deeply healing energy with a supportive sextile to the vital Sun. And Mercury makes a move into its own sign Gemini-heightening our curiosity and speed of communication. Expect synchronicities leading you to dreams made real.
Tuesday Mars in keep it simple Taurus is connecting with the wounded healer Chiron. Chiron is where we look for our wounds, often pushed aside, hidden away from the light of day. With Mars in the mix there is a certain bravery in the air that will help you dive down deep to feel your vulnerabilities. Which is what this week is all about.
Wednesday Chiron is in a stressful square with sweet Venus. Venus does not really enjoy feeling anything but lovely. This creates stress. You might feel yourself shutting down, turning within, attempting to avoid the pain. Try and remember that much of what your feeling is coming from past repressed parts of yourself. A hurt, rejection, abandonment, or humiliation that you could not tolerate is raising its hand to be felt and acknowledged and then released. Be brave, Breathe deep. Accept and love everything that comes up for you.
Mercury will be moving to Gemini and because of the retrograde period will be there until early July. That is a long time for Mercury to be anywhere. All forms of communications will be highlighted. This is a beautiful opportunity to get out and mingle, enjoy your community and any events that are being held there. Short trips are sure to be enjoyed and appreciated. If you have any writing to do now is the time. You can access wit and clever concepts that can keep you and everyone else super entertained.
Sunday May 3, 2015 at 8: 42 pm PST the Moon will be full in Scorpio. Scorpio is the opposite of the current Sun in Taurus. Taurus likes to deal with the five senses. The real tangible stuff of life. The Intangibles, like feelings and the mysteries of the Universe are more the domain of Scorpio. These two opposites need to embrace each other’s points of view to create true balance.
During this full moon Saturn opposing Mercury may create a sense of being rejected for your ideas or thoughts on things. And perhaps this is what is rising up to be felt. Many a Scorpio can relate to being rejected for expressing the true intensity of their feelings about things. It’s sad but true. Most have learned to hide away how they feel to be socially acceptable. But Scorpio feels the true full spectrum of emotions and Taurus likes to feel very little variation in the emotional realm. This may very well be going on inside you during this full moon. A push pull between a self expression and not rocking the boat. Which this self expression may very well do.
Remember: What you feel you can heal. So open up to what presents itself this week. Sometimes all it takes is awareness and acknowledgement of the wounded part of yourself to let go and forgive. No one but you can give that to you. Go ahead and be intense. Just be careful not to wound others while you are releasing all that hidden material. Scorpio also has that sting don’t forget. There is an ego in the character that likes to teach lessons when lessons are deserved (according to them). Be conscious and be kind. Even though what’s inside may feel ugly and cruel.
All this effort is well worth it. Life lived fully must embrace all realms of feeling. This full moon in Scorpio will help you to let go and move on. Any superfluous situations and relationships can be swept away to clear the slates for a brand new start. Roll with the punches, it’s those rock tumbling moments that polish you up.  You can do anything you set your mind to.Start first, with Loving yourself, the intense parts included.  Namaste.

PS- I have found Chanting Mantras to be pure magic when it comes to calming myself and instilling trust in the process of life. It is said that  Chanting Mantras is actually  a form of magic, working through vibration to change your energy, heal your body,mind, and soul and even remove obstacles.  A favorite or mine is the Ganesha Mantra (Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha).  I just feel so protected by this chubby elephant headed Hindu Lord. Maybe I was Hindu in another Life. Chanting is a wonderful meditative practice that speeds up your healing and ability to manifest the life of your dreams.  Here is a link to a little info about this particular Mantra. Remember you can google around to find a version that suits you.  Happy Chanting!

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