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There is little in life that has such far reaching consequences as parenthood. If you are a parent, then you know the shock of being suddenly entirely responsible for a helpless life. This is serious, often exhausting work that will never end. If you do it right you will have a kid who Loves you. You will have a child who respects you and trusts that you are the best person to confide in. If you do it right your future will be populated with offspring that want to hang around and the opportunity to experience the joys of grandparenting. Astrology knows the way. You are here to guide and protect your child, to Love and honor the unique individual that has blessed your world with the honor of parenthood. Parenting will teach you everything you need to know about Love.

If you are the parent of an magical Indigo- then you have found the right person to talk to.

We will discuss one on one each detail of this particular topic in a 2 hour recorded consultation.

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