Hillory Skott


I write freelance Horoscopes and articles on current Astrological conditions with an always optimistic encouraging tone. I aim to inspire with the words I write and Astrology provides the framework for me to do this.

I am available for interviews  or live talks on all things Astrology, be it current events, relationships, career and personal  growth.

Please do contact me with any questions at:  [email protected] – I look forward to working with you.


“Hillory brought in some lovely opening energies into the interview…there were no over exaggerations, over statements, over embellishments only gentle loving insights coupled with powerful intuitive empathic energies! There was wonderful ah-ha moments…you will want to take some time to listen – AND be enlightened!

Karen and Salma
Creators, co-hosts of Unbounded Potential – Canada
“I was looking for a writer for astrology compatibility combinations and I came across Hillory’s site. I’m a project manager for a psychic site and I had a good feeling about working with Hillory. I went with the feeling and I’m very glad I did. The compatibility combinations were a tall order. Hillory wrote them all surprisingly fast, and did an awesome job. Everyone in my office is enjoying reading them, and it has sparked many of conversations! And, most importantly, our customers are enjoying reading them!! I would totally recommend Hillory if you are looking for a great astrology writer.

Marni McFair


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