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A Happy Hello to You!

April 21-27 2014 Holds the infamous Grand Cardinal Square.This change enforcing energy is occurring between  Grand Cardinal Squarethe Eclipses, a portal to uncharted territory. In times of intense planetary change it’s wise to stay in the moment. The present is your point of power. Those born within a few days of January 4, April 3, July 5, or October 6 of any year are most directly affected- but the whole planet is feeling this powerful formation.

The Grand Cross does not actually begin until Mars retrogrades into 13 degrees Libra in the early morning hours of April 22, 2014. I included a great little diagram which gives you a wonderful visual of the energy we are dealing with. Each of these potent planets occupy a corner of this square. And then oppose each other too. Imagine a square with an X through the middle. I keep getting a visual of it being a massive energetic trampoline intended to launch us into a new dimension of reality. All the energy will release as the planets make their move into alignment. Launching some new aspect of your expanded reality.

It’s Like one brilliant big bounce, with a sense of not really knowing where you are going to land. But thanks to Jupiter in Cancer we can feel pretty positive about the whole process. Safe even. But I am an optimist.

Pluto is opposing Jupiter, insuring a seriousness that needs to be acknowledged. Truth rises to expose sinister secrets. And Mars opposite Uranus isn’t gentle energy. Mars is shining light on relationships,how they fit, do they work. And Uranus is enjoying the fiery free nature of Aries. You might feel overwhelmingly trapped if your life is out of alignment. Somethings going to give.

This Cross is the signs of Aries, Libra, Cancer and Capricorn. What these signs have in common is they like to be the boss. They naturally lead the parade, or organize the show. This group likes to initiate change, but they all do it in very different ways. This is where the tension comes in.

The best way to prepare for this energetic mix is to just be. Be gentle with yourself and others. Be conscious of what is coming up for you. What triggers you, pushes your buttons or pisses you off. Just make notes this week. With this sort tension you might explode. There could be a lot of exploding all over the planet. You don’t want to say something or do something you can’t undo so handle yourself and everyone carefully.

Remember to keep your thoughts positive and proactive. Be kind and consider how you can be of benefit to others- Pluto is always nicer when we consider everyone. Be kind to yourself most of all. Nurture yourself with yummy foods that are healthy too. Put energy into cleaning yourself out. Anything to do with transformation is supported so get at it. Yet, relax.

We are also in the time between eclipses, a two-week span, until the second eclipse of this pair, which occurs on April 29,the first was a lunar eclipse on April 15. This can be a crazy time of intense change but if we embrace what’s coming we can use the energy to enter a new world. A world we have yet to see manifest. It can be a time of dreams come true and sudden windfalls. Experience this time knowing you are morphing into the next best version of you. If we lean into all this powerful change making energy life can absolutely be what we envision in our grandest imaginings. May Love, Freedom, and Peace bless the lives of each of us for all our long lived days!

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