Hillory Skott


“Hillory is an amazing and beautiful soul. I felt comfortable speaking with her  almost immediately (AND she did my reading over Skype … so lovely to be in the comfort of my own home!) Her warmth and deep understanding radiated throughout our conversation. I found this experience truly life-changing … insightful, inspiring, and uplifting! Her answers to my many questions were mindful and rich. She SHINES in her Craft. Hillory is a true gem … I love that she has the option of a monthly check in (for a very reasonable price!) I will be in touch with her for many years to come. “
Korry Moore- North Vancouver, Canada

 “Hillory Skott is the new face of astrology… Her work is designed to keep you in tune with the positive Relating specifically to your life, this time and place RIGHT NOW, and all of the changes that are to come. She brings some incredible astrological insights and serves as a source of sound intuition.”
Karen and Salma
Creators, co-hosts of Unbounded Potential

 “Hillory Skott is such a pleasure to play with! Her lightness and sweetness is such a joy. And more than that, the honesty, authenticity and openness that she speaks from is as refreshing as it is powerful. I so enjoyed talking with her (at length) about my chart, about what’s presenting in my life now, what I’d like to experience Talking with her immediately felt as comfortable and fun as speaking to a close friend. Hillory explained the alignments in my chart in most understandable terms, and I am BLOWN AWAY at how my past and present were so clearly shown by all the planetary positions. What an adventure!”
Krista NYC

 Hello Hillory,
I Am so so happy I decided to go with your package. I have to reallyyyyyyy be in sync with the person & their teachings. I feel that your Wisdom has Truth & real grounding information. Thank you for unveiling so many of my blockages. You are turning up in many conversations now, with friends & family :). Your work is wonderfully enlightening & based on such factual evidence.The Kings & Queens of the past were so influenced by Astrology they had their own Astrologist in court, right? Time that this becomes so again, I’d say. All the information is so gratefully received.
Sincerely, Love Peace and Harmony
Primrose- Toronto

you have been very informative & kind in all your connections. I & my daughter Julie, who also had a reading with you, thank you from the bottom of our hearts. You have spent an over amount of time on the readings. You have sent us links to various websites, including Lilou’s. (love her work), and suggested books which we might read. Your commitment is of a very high standard. Hence Julie & I are in receipt of knowledge & understandings which will change the course of our futures. Much more into a positive direction, now that we’ve met with you.
L P & H Anne – Ontario

 “Thank you so much for all the info. I re-listened to our session earlier this evening when I was walking my dog, and it was wonderful. I’m so glad you recorded it because there’s a lot of juicy content in there for me to go back to whenever I’m feeling stuck or down, or happy! You, your spirit has really had an impact on me. I can’t describe it in words at this moment, yet I felt very understood by you on a deep, spiritual level, and I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your commitment and enthusiasm during our conversation. I was very excited, elevated during our session and you kept up with me the entire time. And thanks for sharing some things about yourself as well. You have a poetic, clear way of communicating and your curiosity and voice made me feel safe, like I was talking to a friend.” Kathryn- Dublin

“I had the immense pleasure of having an astrological reading with Hillory yesterday and what a delight it was talking with her all about my chart and life in general.  I connected and resonated  immediately with Hillory’s sweet, authentic personality and the wisdom she passed on.  She was hitting bulls eyes about my past and present life with perfect precision, allowing us to delve deep into some unanswered questions about why certain things have happened in my life, and why I had chosen the life path I had so far.  She gave me clarity as to what I can do to help ease myself towards the destiny and purpose that I had picked when I came into this world. We talked about some of the more difficult issues and patterns of my life and why they might be there, and then we together came up with some real concrete solutions as to how I can alleviate some anxieties about them that have been blocking my progress towards reaching my life’s purpose.  I cannot say enough praise for Hillory and her insights, caring and knowledge of the planets and astrological world and how it fits so neatly into our life patterns and everyday life.  I look forward to continuing to work with Hillory as my life progresses.  I finished our call with an upbeat optimism and excitement, looking forward to the exciting adventure this life has to offer!” Katy,  Colorado

 Hi Hillory,
I cannot thank you enough for this experience! How incredibly affirming and supportive to learn that all I am experiencing as an “inner knowing” is actually presented in my natal chart. And talking with you was as breezy, natural and fun as speaking with a long-time friend. You positively sparkle right through the phone line! I’m thrilled to step forward into the unknown feeling strongly grounded by the support and love of the very universe itself. Infinite gratitude for this incredible gift and contribution to my life!
Light & love, Krista NYC
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