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beginning is nearApril 7-14,2014 Mercury charges into Aries. Fresh, brave, bold, thoughts will rush your mind for the next two weeks. This is a wonderful chance to assert yourself, your thoughts and ideas are in need of authentic expression with this Aries emphasis you will have a chance to be you, uncensored. This is the path to happiness.

We are feeling the influence of the Cardinal Grand Cross that is coming into tight formation towards the end of the Month. Action and revolution is occurring to crumble old structures and launch new ideas into reality. Pushing, pulling, change. Good stuff. Tricky transformational business if you resist the evolutionary flow. So don’t resist. What you resist persists.

Monday is a day of fresh energy- There can be a tension in the air, but it’s likely that things will get done. Your mind starts to look forward, impulsive acts release you from constricting situations. Wonderful! Harness a little discipline for best results. Self-assertion is the key to your next move.

Tuesday relationship focused Mars in Libra is at odds with the self focused Aries Sun. Is it meme me, or should I be thinking of you you you. That is the question you might be grapplling with in your head. For a smoothing sorting of this dilemma make sure you do some physically demanding exercise. Mars and the Sun are active energies and if cooped up can cause accidents and injuries. So do what’s hard  for you. Maybe it’s three push-ups and a walk around the block, or dancing all night at the Salsa club. Find something to do this day to keep the energies in check and running smoothly.

Friday is a dreamy day with Venus and Neptune sliding into each others personal space, merging energy, in Pisces. Expect to get it. Perhaps deep spiritual experiences will confirm that life goes on after death, or you might meet a soulmate or your Spirit guide. If you have something to create, now is a day filled with inspiration. Be prepared to capture this shimmery new reality in art of all kinds.

The energies are powerful now. Keep returning to this very second. Follow your breath. Ask for guidance and clarity and to know what to do next. Then wait: You are poised, powerful and magnetic. All good things are coming your way. Occupy your life to claim your freedom!

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