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April 18- 24, 2016 rip it from the roots Pluto starts a five month retrograde, watch as your perspective transforms. Now you can see how you are using your power in life- or not.  The Full Moon in Pluto ruled Scorpio late thursday will add some serious depth to your understanding. Passion stirs and we all get a taste of the intense. Whatever that means for you.

Pluto is moving through Capricorn from 2008- 2026. That’s a long slow journey through one sign. While it travels it goes forward and then back.  Pushes and pushes and then lets the pressure off a bit. Pluto is retrograde almost half of every year so it is common. And very necessary.

Pluto is about the heavy and real. On the mundane level. It is about money and power. It is about control and manipulation.  It is about abduction, and adoption. It is about life and death. Birth and rebirth.  It is the gross side of real. It is raw.

On the higher level though.  The lifted up perspective follow Pluto to understand what the soul is here to accomplish.  In fact we each have Pluto in our charts somewhere and with a little astrological investigation we can see what each Soul is up to right now.

If we happen to be off track Pluto will arrange situations to get us back on track- even if that means checking out of the current storyline completely. Take the next five months and look into how you use your power. Have you given it away? Where is your energy focused? Are you plugged into the right situations? Are the right situations plugged into you?

Tuesday the Sun is shifting from Go Go Go Aries.  It moves into Tauru, beaming some of those sensuous, slow moving vibes down on Earth.  Garden, eat, cuddle and hug. A Lot!  Everything will slow down. It’s really the perfect time of year on the West Coast of North America. It’s green and lush. The smell of Lilac rides through the air on beams of warm sun. Fresh cut grass is a dominant smell. Yummy stuff- Thanks Earth, Thanks a thousand times.

Taurus helps you slow down, turn your face to the sun, breath in deeply the sweet smell of vibrant growth and beautiful newness. Stop and take a whiff of the flowers this month. Get your hands and feet on Mother earth- the ever-giving Mother of us all. It’s surprising how nurtured you feel deep down inside from working with the earth. Planting and Sowing. Sitting and watching. You can tune into the real rhythm of life. One we so easily slip out of sync with.

Thursday Night PST the Moon is full in Pluto Ruled Scorpio. Do you have something to investigate?  Scorpio loves a good investigation.   Your feelings might run amok.  Scorpio is a full range feeler.  The full spectrum of emotionality,intense . So brace yourself. You might be a little out of sorts if you are the more stable type.  Passion flares, urges rise. The superficial is dull.  To fully feel human is what your spirit is after.  This Scorpio full moon will help with that.  What does it mean to fully feel human? Find out Thursday, you’ll even be feeling it on Wednesday

Use this energy wisely and plan how to draw in your fortune. Scorpio has a nose for money, money is a kind of power. Is there a venture that calls to you?  You will feel uber capable of change right now.  Changes in relationships, circumstances, residence, perspective,  and emotional reactions are to be expected.

Put your hand up. Say what you need to say. Walk on out. Slam the door. Commit to the risk. Open new doors. Living life on repeat is no way for humans to be.  Change is the only thing that can be counted on- might as well orchestrate. This a week of active movement towards the very best we can imagine for ourselves.  We have everything to look forward too.  XO


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