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February 7th, 2015

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Pisces in Relationship


Astrology is an invaluable tool to understand yourself and others. The snapshot of where the planets are when you are born create your birth chart- this gives insight as to who you are born to become. Astrology gives us a way to understand our relationships too, helping foster an attitude of understanding and tolerance of our differences. We are each uniquely ourselves, meant to be different, it is in accepting our differences that we can create loving life long bonds.


Pisces is a water sign ruled by otherworldly Neptune. The Pisces personal is emotion ruled and highly psychic. The care deeply for the underdog and are often found feeding the homeless or caring for the weak and abandoned of every species. The imagination of a Pisces is second to none, Neptune rules art and inspiration, the movie industry is a product of Neptune, where nothing is as it seems. When they are allowed the space to explore their own inner landscapes they can flourish as artists of all kinds. Empathy is their specialty and they have a knack for deeply loving all earthlings, and the planet we inhabit. Pisces is the sort that receives messages from the great beyond, maybe it’s a relative that has passed on or guidance channelling from the Pleiades star system. They swim in the cosmic soup.


Poor Pisces absorbs everything. Crowds are difficult as they pick up a little bit of energy from everyone they pass, like giant sponges. This can be prevented with intention and discipline, but until then, it can make for a pretty moody individual. It’s not uncommon for a Pisces to become sickly, plagued by illusive symptoms. In a world that leaves no room for reverie this is their Souls way of insuring down time. They are not cut out for the harsh routines and strict scheduling of our society. They dwell in a land that is timeless, and see through the illusions of the physical world. Pressure of any kind depresses them, causing them to seek escape. They are more at risk than most to addictive behaviour of all kinds, especially drugs and alcohol, anything that alters the perceptions and helps them escape harsh reality.


Pisces is a loving sign, they deeply connect with their loved ones. In partnership they know just what you need. They are sweet, generous and romantic in a fairy tale kind of way. They do need space to go with the flow and are happiest with someone who understands their need for privacy. When Pisces slips into the blue it can be difficult to reach them. Their instinct for self preservation requires this safety valve. A need to shut off from everything. A mate that can allow for the shifting of emotional weather will be rewarded with a loyal life long soul mate. Pisces is naturally accepting of most personal quirks and allows their loved ones to be who they are. A mate who is good with the real world of bills and scheduling, while respecting the realms that Pisces is pulled to explore will be loved for the long haul.

Pisces Pisces

There will be incredible empathy between these two. Both value the unseen forces at work in their lives and both need space to follow the feelings down the rabbit hole whenever they should arise. The real world is tricky, neither likes to put much stock in healthy eating and routines, or paying the bills. Addiction issues are not uncommon with Pisces who prefers fantasy land to the cruel world we live in. If spiritually focused on art and self expression this relationship can soar to impossible heights and live in dream come true realities.

Pisces Compatability

The Aries Pisces relationship could really work. Aries loves to take the lead and this is a relief to wish-washy Pisces. Pisces will like the clear forward moving direction of Aries and Aries will be happy to be the strong brave shaker in the relationship. Pisces more mysterious nature and impressive intuition will intrigue Aries. Though the same traits could be irritating if the timing is off. Aries is harsh and Pisces super soft. This will take some adjustments, but it could very well be the right combination of yin and yang to make both parties feel happy and loved.

The Taurus Pisces relationship may work if Taurus can accept the shifty nature of Pisces. Taurus is practical, logical and certain. Pisces rarely knows what choice to make, preferring whimsy and intuition to guide his direction. Taurus is surprised by the success of this total lack of planning. Pisces expresses love and affection in a way that pleases Taurus- making up for the irritating wishy-washy nature of Pisces. Taurus is strong and certain, which is attractive to uncertain Pisces. If Taurus can accept Pisces bouts of fragility and if both can avoid drugs and alcohol this could be a loving match.

The Gemini Pisces relationship is shaky indeed. Both signs have two very different sides to their characters. So it’s more like four people are in relationship together. Getting four people to agree on anything can be a challenge. Each admire the others intuitions and perceptive views of the world. Pisces can seem so together one moment and then retreat from the world in helpless denial the next. Gemini likes to know what’s happening while Pisces can’t really explain. Both are better off with more solid partners to be truly functional. Tricky business even for true love. Miracles do happen though.

The Cancer Pisces relationship could be a winner. Cancer is the stronger of the two, but both are ruled by the whimsy of their emotions. Both have the need to retreat within to sort through the confusion from time to time. And both appreciate the comforts of home and quiet time. Pisces lack of financial awareness could cause a problem for on top of things Cancer. And Pisces may resent Cancers rules about certain things. Neither approach anything directly which creates poor communication. If compromise can be achieved these two could end up happy in their world of shifting tides.

The Pisces Leo relationship is a complicated one. Leo can understand a blue mood here or there, but cannot relate to the deep dark depression Pisces can slip into. Leo has a pretty even temperament and Pisces moods shift like the sand. When they meet in the right space and time they can connect romantically, but Pisces is never sure what feeling comes next. Leo needs a sense of strength in a partner and Pisces needs space to be alone and sort through the feelings. Both are generous, but Pisces is not really the reliable mate Leo is looking for.

The Virgo Pisces relationship is truly one of opposites, each sign is learning to incorporate the traits of the other. Pisces could stand to learn a thing or two about responsibility and taking care of one’s health. Virgo may need to learn to let go and let god. Going with the flow is the only way Pisces can go, Virgo likes to plan all the details. Life could work well if Virgo takes the lead. Pisces will like not having to bother with the details that come so naturally to Virgo. If it’s true love these two will learn compromise.

The Libra Pisces relationship is a complicated one. At first Libra loves this, admires the romantic sensitive Pisces and appreciates the attention and dreamy feel of this character. That is until the moody depressive side of Pisces makes an appearance,. Libra likes to dramatize emotions but does not relate to the feelings of the watery Pisces. Pisces needs a more sensitive partner to understand the need to withdrawal, while Libra can’t understand the concept of going within. Libra needs someone more grounded and lighthearted to thrive with. Pisces is just too tuned into other worlds for Libra to truly connect.

The Pisces Scorpio relationship may just work. Both of signs are ruled by the mysterious realms of intuition and feeling sense. Hunches and intuition are often deciding factors for both of them. It could get sticky when Pisces seeks retreat and Scorpio feels control slipping. Pisces needs room to withdraw. Pisces habit of little white lies may cause concern for Scorpio, who will feel they must be lying to hide even bigger secrets. If both signs are positive this could be a supportive and content relationship. If not, dark drama and deception may arrive. True love is the deciding factor.

The Sagittarius Pisces relationship is an unlikely one. Sadge is often too forthright to tolerate Pisces’s wishy washy ways. Sadge is painfully optimistic and Pisces refuses to see reality. This can make the real world difficult for either to deal with. Neither understands the others outlook on life. Not getting your partner is a problem. Frustration will be a common reaction in this relationship. Sadge likes to tackel things directly while Pisces retreats within, covering their eyes and humming loudly. Nothing can get through. Both have big and generous hearts best shared with partners who truly get them, move on.

The Pisces Capricorn relationship is not usually viable. Capricorn likes to talk straight, to the point. Pisces loves to ponder all the possibilities, avoiding direct communication. Though both can be very spiritually aware, their ways in the world don’t support each other. Pisces is often the martyr, working for a greater cause. Capricorn will have a greater cause too, like wintering in Florida, or piloting their own plane. Pisces feeds the homeless and Capricorn wants to offer employment programs, instilling responsibility. Capricorn is not connected emotionally enough to truly resonate with Pisces. A great learning relationship but not long-term.

The Aquarius Pisces relationship is highly unlikely. Though they are both concerned for the greater good of humanity they have different ways of acting on this concern. Pisces will feed the homeless and pass out handouts to drug addicts. Aquarius envisions programs to create jobs
for the homeless and the junkies. Pisces is emotionally led and Aquarius is ruled by the mind. Pisces needs a stable connected partner and Aquarius needs someone self-sufficient and rational. The differences between these two are big and the odds of this working very slim. A possible friendship but confusing in any other form.

The Pisces Pisces relationship could be it. There will be incredible empathy between these two. Both value the unseen forces at work in their lives and both need space to follow the feelings down the rabbit hole whenever they should arise. It may be tricky dealing with the real world, neither like to put much stock in healthy eating and routines or paying the bills for that matter. Escapism could be are real concern too. Addiction issues are not uncommon with Pisces who prefers fantasy land to the cruel world we live in. Spiritually focused this relationship can soar.

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