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images (23)September 29-October 5, 2014 peace seeking Venus is moving into Libra. Venus rules Libra and feels fantastic here. And with Mercury in Scorpio you might just be in for some passionate adventure.Charm and grace mingle with deep meaningful feelings. Mercury stations Retrograde this week too: What has transpired in the last three months that needs sorting and organizing? Mercury retrograde allows us to get clear, to make sure all our ducks are in a row, T’s crossed and I’s dotted.

Venus moving into Libra is kinda lovely.  I personally appreciate the Libra search for peace and beauty. Libra is refined and charming. Libra dislikes the unpleasant and loud. It is a kind considerate energy that leans a little too much in the direction of people pleasing.

The Scorpio Mercury should fix any of those nicey nicey tendencies that crop up now. Not that nice isn’t right, it’s just that being real is more meaningful. You can connect from the heart when you come from a place of truth.

With Mercury in Scorpio you may find yourself with the deep desire to get to the bottom of things.  If  life is off track now you can’t help but dig around for reasons.  Scorpio is great at endings, so if you find yourself in need of dropping shitty people or situations, now is your chance.

Look for sweet Venus in Libra and Mercury in undying Scorpio to combine and create you a dream come true. Imagine the fairy tale image of a brave prince waking the sleeping lady up with true loves kiss. Something beautiful can happen that wakes you from your slumber and makes you feel Loving, Loved, Love, sigh. . .

Mercury goes retrograde on October 4, 2014 PST. This is not the time to sign important documents, or attempt anymajor beginnings. If you do have to go ahead with important communications be very clear that it’s highly likely you will misinterpret things in some way.

Communication snafus are commonplace with clever mercury backtracking. Mostly the mix ups are only minor irritations to slow you down. Some person or project is revisited, revised and revived. All the “re-s” work wonderfully well in retrograde Mercury. Are you headed in the right direction?  Relax and receive the rewards of past efforts.

That same day power loving Pluto is squaring, it’s all about me,the sunshiney Sun.  And later that same day fiery Mars trines bursting to change Uranus.  A trine is supportive- expect a flash of excitement. This is an energy that needs to move so, in the very least, go for a walk somewhere new. We all need some new in our lives from time to time. Go for it or it will go for you.

This is a wonderful week to refresh your energy. The new season is soothing to the senses. Change wakes us. Breath it in. Witness the magical rhythm of the Universe. It’s right there, under our noses.

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