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download (5)October 13-19, 2014 This is a week of ease fortune and fabulous conversations with people we admire.  We are motivated to connect and share.  We naturally harmonize well now. You can be who you are without offending anyone, such a blessing. You mind is sharp and capable and you have the energy to focus on the good you have already, which draws more goodness into your sweet life.

Life does not always seem so fabulous, but this week it will be hard to miss the little sprinkles of luck and magic everywhere. Tuesday October 14, 2014 PST Venus is feeling pretty dignified as it travels its own sign of Libra. It will form a lucky connection with Jupiter bringer of awesome luck and happy expansions. Charm and beauty sooth the soul.  Money, opportunity, friendship, love and ease can come into focus now. Open your heart to others so you don’t miss opportunities to connect. Be cautious with your money because you probably won’t want to be.  It is possible you find some treasures you love to add to your home-just skip the electronics as Mercury is still retrograde until the 25th.

Wednesday the sun will be in a great place with fire cracker Mars in honest to a fault Sadge. Be who you are!  Now is the time to shine that Youness out into the world. Also, if you feel the need to bare your soul and share your thoughts with someone-now works.  The planets are aligned to support honest and close connection.  Even unpleasant topics will have an easy to swallow digestible quality.  I have a lot of Sagittarius in my chart and I just must be me at all times. I am terribly uncomfortable in relationships that require me to filter my true thoughts and feelings. This Sadge trait isn’t always a huge friend winner. But it can be counted on to make sure the right relationships for my kind of happy are in my life. Take a risk and bare your soul, life is much nicer when you live it from the bottom of your heart.

Thursday Mercury is fusing with the Sun, all in Libra. Speak, write, draw, beauty will be spilling out of all of our communications. Try your hand at poetry, write a song or a love letter. Your mind is bright and clear now-paradoxically, you might find choices tricky as you can see all sides of everything.  Great for cooperation, crap for making a decision.

That same day Mercury forms a sextile with Mars that has us humming along.  Getting things done in a high paced orderly fashion.  It feels like you have a ton of fuel to go forever. So ride this wave of productivity and the next time you find yourself in a glorious state of getting nothing done- remember the energy you have now- remind yourself that there is a time and place for everything.  Now is the time so it must be the place.

This wonderful week ends with an encouraging connection between Mars and Venus.  You are going to find reason to Love and adore the people around you.  Life is an interesting adventure and you are not alone. Use this energy to connect even more than you already have been with those you love. You are likely to be motivated to harmonize and understand others better than usual now.  Put yourself out there- it’s nice when we can catch these lovely waves of ease and appreciate life and all it’s offerings. To you I offer with a Navajo Blessing I Love:  May beauty be before you. May beauty be behind you. May beauty be above you. May beauty be below you. May beauty be all around you. Thank you for reading.

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