Hillory Skott

March 8th, 2016
New Moon Report 03.16


March is a powerful month with the Spring Equinox between a Solar Eclipse New Moon in otherworldly Pisces and a lunar Eclipse Full Moon in peace seeking Libra.  It’s the initiation of a new aspect of your life. New energies are ushering us along.  

The New moon in mystical Pisces with a total Solar Eclipse on Tuesday at 5:53 pm PST  ushers in potent change. The Cosmos are urging us to remember we are here for a purpose.  There is life to be lived, moves to make.  Close your eyes and wiggle your nose- Now it’s really very simple to get from here to where you hope to go.

This New Moon We have Mercury, Neptune, Ceres, Moon, Sun, Chiron and South Node all in Pisces to show us the way.  With an Eclipse as well.  And a Super Moon too. Profound permanent healing is available.  Reaching through and across time is entirely possible. Be open to letting go.  Seek to release all that went before so you can step into all that is to come.

Deeply Healing Chiron is right with this conjunction of the Moon and Sun . Chiron directs us to our wounds. More importantly, to overcoming them. A little intention to heal and sincere focus can change the course of history in all directions of time.

Be aware of the desire to check out somehow- it would be a waste of such a magnificent wave of change.Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac. Neptune is the ruler. Neptune functions by dissolving boundaries. It keeps things fuzzy. Confusion, sleepiness, a desire to escape into any number of activities, favorites being drugs and alcohol. But it could just as easily be binge watching your favorite series on Netflix.

There is a Square to Saturn that is giving us an anchor point on the new moon.  A place to fashion our plan and take aim.  And an opposition to Jupiter and the North Node of the moon pointing the way to our evolution. Jupiter helps us to think bigger, to expand, to believe and to know and to trust.  We just need to  let go of our old stories.

The Equinox on March 19 at 9:31 pm PST is the beginning of the new year.  It’s time to plant those seeds that you carefully chose since the new moon on the the 9th.  By the fall you will see the efforts of the next six months of careful focus and perfect effort.

The Full Moon in Libra, Lunar Eclipse on March 23 at 5:01 pm PST brings to light that which we will need to stay healthy and balanced on our journey.  In Libra it is important to form alliance with people that bring peace and harmony into our lives.  Our relationships are meant to be there to bolster and support us. If this is not the kind you have choose again. It’s so simple if we let it be.

With Jupiter and Saturn at cross purposes during the full moon on the 23rd we may find ourselves pulled in different directions. Part of you needs to expand and another equally important part needs to stabilize and create boundaries within structure.  Properly handled all sides of you can be happily expressed. It takes balance and intention.  From this effort to integrate amazing new worlds are formed in our lives.

To maximize the opportunity offered with the energy this month allow yourself to slip into your imagination.  Pisces rules the dream state, ideals of every kind, art, dance, poetry,film, our connection to spirit guides and guardian angels.  We are able to access the quantum soup now.  Float around in the realm of all possibility.  It is through reaching for our ideals in our mind’s eye that we create the potential for them to form in the physical.

Compassion and forgiveness should be on your agenda. Making a list of those who you need to forgive, including yourself, will free up your energy. An intention is all it takes.  Pluto is making sure we get to the roots so we can plant new seeds, whole new flowers can bloom in your life now.  And there is a great big world of spectacular flowers to choose from.

Taking time to dream up your most ideal future will help keep this energy flowing in the right direction. Be gentle, take naps, stay away from crowds if possible.  Your energy will be extra sensitive. It’s kind of like getting used to a new superpower.  It is entirely possible you will be introduced to your own extra sensory skills now.  Epsom salt baths with cleansing oils like rosemary and lavender will keep you clear, alert and grounded. Just remember, easy does it. Dream up the details. Go with the flow. It will take you where you wish to go.

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