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October 12- 18, 2015 Starts off with a New Moon in Libra sign of the other. We need each other.  I wish it were not so sometimes, but we do.  Now is the time to assess the area of relationships in our lives.  It is time to set intentions for new and prosperous situations.  We can see what we need now. We can see who we need too.

On Monday at 5:06 pm PST The New Moon in Libra triggers us to begin again. It will depend on which area of your chart this new moon occurs. Astro.com is a great place for a free birth chart.  Our relationship to others is up for consideration. Right up in our faces.  Pluto is squaring this airy sometimes superficial sign. Which likely removes any surfacey fluff from your thoughts on things. Libra likes to keep it light and cordial. Libra likes beauty and peace.  But in Libras quest for balance there is an innate imbalance.  Otherwise they would never learn how important and desirable balance was.

Pluto though, is keeping it really real.  Pluto is the raw and true, the mess of birth and the decay of death.  We need to face reality to live fully so this Pluto Square will make sure we see what is really going on whether we want to or not. Our part in whatever messes we are dealing with will be painfully apparent.

To keep us on our toes rebel Uranus is in opposition to this new moon.  It adds an edge.  One we can likely not predict.  Perhaps you are suddenly drawn, uncharacteristically to something or someone totally different.  Uranus wants us to bust out of our ruts- to keep moving and changing. Shock is the reaction Uranus loves the most. Embrace the unexpected.

All this combines for a most interesting New moon that is meant to create balance in your life. A Balance between your needs and the needs of your Loved ones. Open your heart now.  Be the other half of some lovely equation.  Contribute your love to the flow of love in the Universe.

Be sure to write down your intentions.  The seeds you plant now will sprout in March at the Libra full moon.  If you don’t plant any seeds nothing is going to sprout. What new situations do you want to create? How can you create more balance to meet the needs of your loved ones? Where can you call in peace? How can create more beauty?  With peace, balance and beauty comes Joy.  

May we each endlessly beam Joy. Remember what we send out returns- Especially now, with the full force of the new moon.  The first 48 hours following the new moon are the most potent for setting your intentions.  Be the director of your life.  Make it a fantastic story. An Epic.

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