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July 13-19, 2015 The moon will be new in Intuitive Cancer.  Emotions are flowing, maybe there is even a tsunami of feeling for some us. With Pluto opposing Mercury, Mars and the Sun all in Cancer you may feel torn between fact and feeling. Now is your chance to wash away any emotional debris that has been stuck in the corners of your heart and soul. Set your intentions around family, home and nourishment. These areas of life can be deeply healed now.

There is a lot of action among the planets this week.  It is all heavily weighted in super sensitive Cancer.  Family stuff will be top of mind.  How have you been hurt and what you can do to heal will present itself during this week. It may not be all snuggles and stew while you recall deeply rooted shoved away pain.

Mars and Mercury are conjunct creating a fiery insistent need to talk it out.  Hopefully you have someone on the other end willing to go there with you.  Talk therapy will do you wonders- a friend to listen is all the therapist most of us need.

Mars is your drive and Mercury our way of communicating. They join the sun and the moon in Cancer and  have us very much aware and concerned about our homes and family.  Our roots draw us in now.

But Pluto in Capricorn opposes this whole show.  Capricorn is also concerned with roots and family but in a business like way.  Capricorn wants to know what your legacy be? One day you too will be an ancestor. The clock is ticking. Emotions and feelings are nuisances that would be best done away with from the unevolved Capricorn perspective. Part of you may be deeply resistant the to the material presenting itself.

Saturn is in Scorpio squaring sweet Venus in Leo. We have all been exposed to the grief of this in one way or another.  These last degrees of a sign are intense and meaningful. It takes courage to stand within the storms that can arise.  Emotional bravery is being called forth.  Take your position.  Turn towards the storms- They will a pass and you won’t have missed a thing. Dealing with situations openly and honestly expressing your sometimes irrational feelings allows them to be let go of.

Neptune is in the mix too. We have the ability to see it, feel it, and then deeply understand all the sides of the story. With Neptune involved you may even be privy to your own past life stories, which we mostly forget. But Neptune cares not for boundaries and the rules of this so-called reality. Neptune will send us messages from our dead relatives and show us the color of fear if we need to see it.  Neptune allows us to feel the truth : That we are all one.  This revelation makes forgiveness the only option to the happiness we seek.

Uranus is tied into this line up of healing change makers.  Uranus is a wild card, loves to deliver us the unexpected. It has no respect for convention and boring old freedom stealing traditions of any kind.  It might be just the bird flipping energy you need to say F U to those who refuse to go there with you. Surround yourself with people who can totally love and accept the deeply real you that you are.  With all this emotional healing available you may see much more clearly those who are not able to go where you need to go. So you can stop wasting your time. You need to clear the decks now- make room for the new. Nothing else will do.

Be kind to yourself this week. Kind and understanding. Great mothering is available to all of us.  The kind that feeds us and comforts us and makes sure we know we are safe and sound. You are safe and sound. Water will aid in cleansing your emotions. Fire will help burn away the past and send your intentions for the future. And the energy of Earth will always be there to support us- The perfect always providing mother of us all.

On Wednesday at 6:24 pm PST the New moon will be exact- the forty-eight hours following that are the most powerful hours to send off your intentions to the Universe.  Shower away all your feelings, write down what needs to go, write down what you would like to call in. Light a candle and burn the paper with what you want to release. Blow the candle out to send your wishes to the Universe.  It does not have to be complicated but the effort and intention is pure gold.  May your tummy be full and your blankets be cozy.  May you be surrounded in all the Love you need. Love is all you need!

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