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emergencegrFebruary 16-22 2015 Shift is happening this week. The Year of the horse gives way to the year of the Goat and the Moon is New in the last gasp of change maker Aquarius on Wednesday February 18, 2014. Just as the change you can’t stop has you spinning, the Sun dips into deeply feeling gentle Pisces where nothing is as it seems. Mars and Venus shift from Pisces to Aries. You can get to your go getter self with this new shift in perspective. Adventure awaits. Endings are beginnings.

All this energetic change will surely be felt by all of us Earthlings. The last degree of any sign is the most fully expressed potent version of the sign. Aquarius sees things from a perspective of liberation. Freedom for all and Love for Humanity is a natural inclination for the water bearing Air sign. At the same time, there is this boundless Pisces energy seeping through things. Pisces is a compassionate empathetic energy that deeply feels all the feelings everywhere.

On this new Moon a good use of the energy would be to offer yourself in service somehow. A little sacrifice of you time and energy could mean the world to someone else. Be willing to relinquish the past to welcome the future. It’s ok to let go. Make a list and say goodbye.

Saturn is stressing this dreamy energy. And edgy Uranus and transformational Pluto are also influencing. Endings and beginnings are everywhere, even if you can’t put your finger on it. It may just be an old attitude that held you back, or it could be a job or other time-consuming situation that is leaving your life. You might not be feeling entirely peaceful with what is happening, things that feel beyond our control are scary. Trust is important. Knowing that life is conspiring to gift you with happy fulfillment will make the transitions easier.

Masculine trailblazer Mars and Value seeking feminine Venus are shifting at the end of the week from wishy Washy Pisces to act first think later Aries. What a difference this is. Brave adventurous energy is rising up out of the confusion. What was stalled during the Mercury retrograde will start moving at an incredible rate as significant planets move to Aries.

Mars and Venus will actually be sharing the same space on Saturday. Expect Passion with all this fiery Aries energy. Like a match that lights the fuse that sets of the bomb kind of passion. If you have done your ground work you can rocket launch yourself in a carefully considered new direction.

With all this Aries energy it would be easy to walk all over less bold people. Remember, what goes around comes around. It’s easy to push people out of the way when your racing toward your destination. But a little consideration pays long term dividends in happy trusting relationships.

I have been on an emotional roller coaster with my Moon fused with Pisces ruler Neptune. It has felt more than once this last week, that my dog was taking her last breath. And at that moment I feel powerless and pained. We all know that no one gets out alive, at least not physically, so it seems so irrational to feel such grief about the transition. I have been swimming around in this murky territory, trying to keep her alive with Love,homeopathics, and broth. And I think it’s working, she seems to be bouncing back.

Grief is such a debilitating emotion. It leaves you raw and vulnerable. After a morning of certainty that she was checking out and a ton of tears I was out to pick up groceries and saw this handsome young blind man with a cane and a helper attempting to cross the street. In an instant I was feeling all the suffering he must experience without the use of such an important sense. Or at least I was projecting all the suffering I thought he might feel. Either way, I was crying my eyes out for a blind stranger at the stop sign. How very Pisces.

Be sure to mark the New Moon and set your intentions in writing. Revisit the goals you set on the last new moon as and refocus them. By the summer full moon in Aquarius you will be impressed with your choice of direction and be seeing the fruits of all this evolutionary effort you are constantly making. Pat your self on the back, look in the Mirror and let yourself know how loved and appreciated your are. Many Blessings.


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