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  • Oct 21, 2014
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imagesOctober 20-26,2014 Get ready to drop any baggage holding you back from happy.  A new Moon in deep digging Scorpio with a reality shaking Solar Eclipse assists in exposing any detrimental patterns. Peace seeking Venus and the life giving  Sun also dive into radically real Scorpio: emotions are the fuel that shift reality into new shapes.  What we send outcomes back to us.  This week offers a chance to create a new vision. Mercury also heads forward: you have spent enough time reviewing, you know what you know, now go.

The big news this week is this heavily Scorpionic New moon Solar Eclipse.  Eclipses mark change. The kind of change you don’t come back from.  That sounds ominous, it doesn’t have to be.  Change is the only thing that keeps us living.  For some reason, us humans really did our heels in when it comes to letting go and moving on. We want reasons, someone to blame, being a victim allows us to puff ourselves up and wag our fingers at all the injustice. Which seems easier than being responsible. It’s safer to complain than to change.  So eclipses and most other planetary influence keep nudging us along, changing for us what we won’t change for ourselves.

Scorpio is an intense energy.  Issues of abandonment, betrayal, loss, trust, lost trust, power, control and passion-are huge for any Scorpio.  Inevitably childhood sets the stage for feeling like people can’t be trusted.  An awareness of the darkness in the world happens very young and life is then lived with suspicion. Scorpio has a nose for secrets, it is secrets that cause all the trouble. Now you may notice you have the ability see clearly the heart of the matter at hand.  Understanding where and how you need to make change is key to rising above adversity.  All this Scorpio energy can be counted on to expose the truth.

Thursday, October 23, 2:57 pm PST the moon will be New with a Solar Eclipse. This same day Venus and the sun move to Scorpio as well. When you connect honestly and share your truest feelings, no matter how distasteful they may be, you can feel true oneness with others. You may find your relationships intensify, or at least your consideration of the topic will take center stage.  Ask yourself if your needs are being met? Are you meeting the needs of your loved ones?  Is there something you want to know? Or is someone else pushing to know more from you?  Loose ends won’t do.  You need to make a commitment to something or someone or cut it off and move on. Plain and simple.

Scorpio is a black and white energy. Middle ground is impossible to find with a Scorpio mind. It takes great thought and consideration to get to the point of dropping unhealthy situations if you are loyal. Once the choice is made though, it’s “Off with your head” which no one comes back from.  It’s a blessing to be this decisive. A clear break brings fresh starts. There is huge opportunity to deeply heal body, mind and spirit. Total transformation is what your soul is seeking now.  Find what part of your life this energy is focused in on and lean into the changes.  

This weekend Mercury rolls forward and Mars moves to Capricorn.  You will  feel pretty clear and capable.  Capricorn gets things done and makes things real with good old-timey disciplined consistent effort. So now that you know you know what you know you can get going. One foot in front of the other. It should be easy after dropping all that dead weight. You have a vision and you are always guided by it.  Blessings Abound!

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