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  • Jun 23, 2014
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23-29 June 2014 fair Venus is shifting into curious Gemini Uranus and Mars oppose each other and the moon will be pretty plantedsNew in sensitive Cancer. We are going to be busy expressing ourselves in more authentic ways If you can’t do that for some reason you can expect the unexpected. It’s best to harness the energy of this powerful time-lean into it. Be courageous and honest and enjoy the expansion of your own personal power.

Monday Venus will move into Gemini until mid July.  Venus relates to how we relate in the world. In Cancer we were likely more concerned with family and home.  Now with a Gemini Venus you may want to get out there in the world.  Also, there is an opportunity to come face-to- face with your dark side or your own best friend. Look for the world to reflect what you hide from yourself.  View everything as if it is a screen projecting your inner life out into reality.

It’s best to be conscious of what is going on inside. Often we push it down and repress it. Now we can see that we are seeing in the mirror.  As always, take full responsibility to claim your power.

Wednesday June 25, 2014 PST, we have a Fiery willful Mars opposing rebel change maker Uranus.  This is a powerful combination that can trigger unexpected situations. You won’t tolerate injustice and may finally explode if things have seemed unfair.  Short tempers and irrational actions are not uncommon with this combination of energy.  I actually know someone who was physically blown out of a camping trailer with this combination transiting his chart, he went to light a cigarette and there was a leak in the propane tank and ka-boom!  The trailer was incinerated, he was lucky enough to have been blown out the door and survived. Sudden, shocking, and violent are used to describe this energy.

But if you have your ducks in a row and are clear about what you are storing in your baggage there is no need to be shocked.  You can use this powerful combination instead for swift and radical reformulation.  Your energy will be high, you may feel heat in your body that you are not used to feeling. Especially in the face and head. Get your feet on the Earth to keep the energy grounded. Grounding yourself will actually help your body handle the electrical nature of this fiery time. You have access to courage use it to do what scares you, but in a gentle carefully directed way.  Which is really the opposite of how you might be feeling. Don’t race cars, or skydive now.  Slow and steady stays alive! But you could start a revolutionary movement or work with electronics in a highly productive way. Be pro-active! Not blindly rushing around in an angry frustrated huff kind of active.

Friday the 27th at 1:08 am PST the moon will be New in Cancer, ruler of the roost.  Illumined Neptune, resurrecting Pluto, Humanitarian Uranus and foundation laying Saturn are all adding energy to make for an interesting and powerful New Moon in Cancer.  This is where we go for the home we should have always had.  We are supported spiritually, in other worldly ways with Neptune trine the fused together Moon and Sun. Magical capacities for creating comfort are awakened. Pluto is pushing for deep and clear understandings of personal motive and underlying issues. Uranus is adding the push to change-If you don’t take the nudge you are going to get the shove. And Saturn has a game plan; Saturn knows how to father-chances are yours didn’t. We all need to be our own inner parents to fully grow up and be happy-Saturn constantly encourages us to learn through trial and error guided by our innate sense of honor and responsibility.

With all this mixed together we have some real opportunity for very thorough and liberating change in the part of our lives that helps us feel secure, and safe, loved and nurtured.  It might feel like a trip into the underworld to face our fears-but while we are there standing in the shadow of all we fear, we gain strength and courage, a new lease on life and clarified focus and direction. When you face your fear it falls away. Neptune makes sure we are understanding the karmic connections and higher purpose to all we are experiencing. Consider this a liberating New moon.  Create a fortress of peace and love around you now. Be both wise and loving father and nurturing supportive mother to your self. This week holds much potential: May you create the very fluffiest of nests to rest for now and always, in All Ways!

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