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July 4-10, 2016 The Moon is new in “I got your back” Cancer.  Being connected and Cozy is an absolute genuine need. You can feel that now, in fact you can feel everything now.  Use your finely tuned senses to finely tune your circumstances. Bless your nest. Fluff that stuff up and invite in the family that’s yours in for a snuggle.

This is a great week to be clear about where you are going and what you want.  And with all the Cancer energy in the Air you won’t forget the importance of home and family in your new game plan.

There is a lot going on with this New Moon.  Your dreams are supported by Neptune. Connecting to your higher self is a given- your guidance is Divine. Jupiter in Virgo is helping you see all the little steps needed to create the big picture. Pluto is adding a real pull to progress in Capricorn- an underneath drive to completely transform in a systematic way. Watch for wild card Uranus to resist the responsibility that will come along with this new path. On the other hand, Uranus might also be just the jolt of ballsy you need to make a break for your new world.

Wednesday there are wonderful connections between pleasure seeking Venus in sensitive Cancer and potent Mars in passionate Scorpio. If you are on the market for a new romance Wednesday and Thursday get yourself out there and mingle. With this much water energy you can be sure to feel a deep need for deep connections. You are looking for your Ohana.  We all need to feel like we belong.  Just make sure you are not sacrificing who you really need to be to fit in to something not for you.

If you find yourself alone, there is an animal in need of a home that will remind you how important a cuddle is for your greater good. Many people don’t get a pet, its too much responsibility, to much need from another aimed at them, too much risk of heart ache and loss.  To much trouble in general.  I get it. But if you are feeling sad and lonely and have yet to call in the one for you.  There is nothing stopping you from adding some love in the form of a dog or two.

By the full moon on the 19th of July you will see the results of the magic you initiated with your actions during this new moon phase. Your mind and heart will be very clear by then. For now you are feeling your way through things. Have patience. Be Loving to yourself. Your first priority is your relationship with yourself. All other relationships mirror that relationship you have with yourself.  Be sure to take care of your environment. Make yourself at home.  A solid foundation first begins with a nurtured you.  And then you can nurture others too.

Buy the weekend you will feel clear and optimistic, You will be through the lack feelings that may have come up on the home front this week.  You are able to see clearly what you need, you feel optimistic about your clear and powerful plans.

We are here to heal this week. Be present to your feelings. If painful stuff surfaces feel it, tap into it.  Or even better tap on it.  Once our sad stuff gets acknowledged we can tap on all our joy.  Love it all. Love is all. Many Blessings.

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