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June 15-21 2015 is a week filled with luck, magic and opportunity. The Moon is New in Insatiable Gemini on Tuesday June 16, 2015 at 7:05 am PST. We get a chance to reset our intentions. Lucky Jupiter and gentle Venus are flavoring this energy with blessings of good fortune and healing. The trick is to focus, even better if it is on more than one thing.  Gemini energy is busy as a bee,you can hit more than one target if you are up for  it.

The Solstice is June 21, 2015 at 9:39 am PST- This is one of the four Power Points, marked by the changing seasons. We are at a high point so let us catch the wave of ease and perfect timing that is making itself available to us now. Open your arms up wide to receive all of the Love and Abundance the Universe has to offer.

New Moons are the launching point for our intentions each month. Gemini energy is inexhaustible, go go go. It’s a mental energy that is the culprit of much insomnia. The fact that Mercury, ruler of Gemini,  just went direct is wonderful, buoyant, like you are being released from the pen. Now you can go as fast as your heart desires, life is picking up speed-the positive possibilities increase.

To make good use of this uplifting energy get clear about what you want in life.  And then get clear about why you want what you want. What is the essence of what you desire? With Gemini there are many balls in the air. Many things can come to mind. The trick is to pick the most important.  Prioritizing will help you know where to focus this considerable mental energy. If you have something to say, now you can do it with impressive wit. So clever are we. Write, speak, connect- Be who you are, say what you feel. Those who matter won’t mind, and those who mind, don’t matter.  I totally stole that from Dr.Suess.

With the Solstice marking the high point of the year take time to celebrate. Beam gratitude in all directions of time. This is a significant shift, using this energy to shift your life situations.  You have to be willing to let go of the past to move into the highest version of your future. Getting from here to there requires some pruning to lighten your load.

Saturn just moved back into Scorpio until September. Scorpio is the ruler of the dark and difficult, but also healing and transformation.  We are all getting a chance to really finish things off with this backward shift into Scorpio. Not everyone has relevant planets here but if you do, no doubt you have been feeling the grief. My own Moon is at 29 degrees Scorpio and the day before Saturn moved over my Moon my dear Dog died. After four long sad Months of knowing she was going, she died. She totally stopped eating for two days and was looking so miserable and I finally knew, 100% , that it was time, and that I had to make the call to the Vet.  I scheduled them to come to our home the next morning. Within 45 minutes of that call my old friend started hemorrhaging blood  and died in obvious shock and pain in front of me and my dear dear hubby. It could not have been worse. I suppose it can always be worse. We have no real idea why, or what went wrong. So dark and painful and dramatic- So 29 degrees Scorpio, so Saturn. So Sad. Oh Yeah and traumatic too.

So though the energy is light now, and capable of bringing much new and good into your life, there is that Scorpio Saturn dolling out lessons in cold hard reality. Grief is in the air for all of us- it is those of us who need to heal it that will feel it most. So lean into it. Accept what comes up. I take my own advice and cry a lot these days. I am pretty good at it-lol. Captain Capricorn (my hubby) and Princess Sagittarius (my Pre-teen Daughter) roll their eyes a lot and are hoping it stops soon.

Enjoy the week and take time to make real your dream by first writing them down. And follow that with some actionable steps you can take in the right direction. Mars is adding an urgent burst of pioneering energy to the whole show so finding a definite channel to harness this lucky energy is smart.  If you catch the right current your efforts will be matched but the Benevolent powers of the universe. Ask and you shall receive.  Many Blessings and healed hearts to all.

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