Hillory Skott

April 16th, 2015
New Moon 05.18.15


Aries New Moon is exact on Saturday, April 18, 2015 (at 11:57 am PST). This is a true launching point for us. Whatever you need to begin do it now. Aries is the initiator. The very beginning, the first sign of the zodiac.
In close alignment with this new moon Uranus is urging us to bust out. To be who we really are. We are blessed with courage with all this Aries energy.  And that is the most we could ask for. It is often in the face of fear that we turn from our dreams. We stay were we are instead of going where our Soul longs for us to be. We use lack of money, or resources, or time, to turn our backs on our very own happiness.
So this New moon gives the gift of courage. And that is all we need to get where we are going. The courage to begin, the courage to let go, the courage to speak the truth and leave the past behind. Now you have it. Try it on.
Mars is in Taurus squaring Jupiter now too which in some ways slow you down. Just enough to be thoughtful. Just enough to be careful. You can see what has value and what is just dead weight. I always used to have a hard time pruning plants. Like it hurt to cut the perfectly good though ungainly extra leaves and branches. But the whole plant looks beautiful and thrives when you do. So do some pruning. Be ruthless.
My favorite thing to so on the Aries new moon every year is to create a Vision board. You can draw, use magazine cuttings, or paint. Make art that expresses your wishes for the new year ahead. There is much power behind the new moon intentions. Stay open for new ideas, seedlings springing into view. Uranus fused with the new moon has the magical ability to flash us our futures. Receive the message and send out your intentions. Life is ready to launch you in new directions, perhaps uncharted territory. Use your new found courage and go for it.  Be all you can be!

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