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January 23-29, This weeks new moon marks the Chinese New year. You might find you have more umph to start entirely new adventures now. Mars moves into its own sign of Aries urging us to GO! This is a nice little blast of rocket fuel to power our forward momentum. You can feel the wind in your face and the heat on your back. You are on track!

The year of the rooster, Starts on January 28th, shortly after the new moon. The rooster year is decisive and action oriented. And being a fire rooster bolsters confidence and clarity too. Last years monkey year was tricky for everyone. Great for learning and adapting but hard to put your finger on things. Hard to know what is happening. Hindsight really is 20/20 after a year like last year.

This Aquarius New moon is a great time to focus on breaking free. Leading the way is the way to go. Acknowledging this new moon with a clear list of your expectations for the year. Be sure to include all areas of your life: money, love, health,relationships. It’s likely you will have a pretty sober, clear headed view of what you want to accomplish.

Saturn is squaring Venus the same day as this new moon which can help you be realistic and determined. Squares force growth one way or another. Good stress or bad stress is still stress. Squares stress us out. Venus, planet of love and all that we value, is in dreamy Pisces, laying around and luxuriating in all that you adore is perfect for this Venus of highest ideals. But, Saturn in Sagittarius, wants to work at truth and expansion. No time for lying around.

If you can determine what you Value you can achieve it with the discipline of Saturn. Saturn is not so rule following in Sagittarius. In fact, this energy will have you thumbing your nose at old ways. The saying “It’s better to beg forgiveness than ask permission.” is true in almost any situation. Don’t let arbitrary crap hold you back.

Mars in Aries really is good news. It will fire things up and function as it is meant to. Mars rules Aries. The energy now is boundless and push, brave and impatient. Action is really the only way to channel such go go go energy. Mars will be here until the 9th of March. Then, it will go into slow and stable Tuarus. So hang on to your socks for the next seven weeks and take fabulous, courageous action. Push it!

On Sunday clever Mercury will fuse withe penetrating Pluto. This is happening in the Capricorn area of our charts. Capricorn is aware of such things as discipline and legacy and every one of them is secretly desiring an empire of their own. Sunday will be a great day to figure out what your legacy will be. Build your own empire however little it may be. Don’t let your creative spirit die a slow unattended death. We are here for a reason. Sunday you get insightful understanding of that reason.

Happy New new year! This chinese new year has a little more umph behind it with no planets back tracking like our western New year on the 1st. All systems are go. But you know that. You can feel it too. Here is to a whole new year, a better braver year filled with Love and so much Light. Let it be!

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