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October 27-November 2, 2014 is full of magical opportunity. Neptune is emitting higher feelings of love. Beauty and pleasure are swirling through time and space. Spend the first part of the week In Joy. It’s time to go with the flow, to let things go: “If a thing is worth doing, it’s worth doing late.”Frederick Oliver – Thanks Fred, I like that one. By the weekend though, the urge to make contact and show them what you’ve got will be strong and clear. You are in the right place- this is the time.

Neptune aspects the Self directed Scorpio Sun, beauty seeking Venus, and fast acting Mars this week. Neptune is a shimmery planet of ideals and illusion. It dissolves to create.  Movies, music, and mystery are under the domain of this watery energy. It can lift you to the highest high and introduce you to your angles and higher guides, it reveals auras and our etherical connections to all of it. It coaxes the songs in our souls to come through.  Without Neptune we would have no compassion or empathy. Neptune has us dreaming, and sensing the subtleties. It washes our pain away with fantastic possibilities. And, it whispers. . . “You can do anything”

On the other hand,Neptune can make you a bit nuts. The best of the bad is the exhaustion and confusion you might feel.  It can influence tremendous escapism. The overdose victim got lost on the dark side of Neptune. Neptune makes you sensitive, you feel it all, all the pain of the world moves through you and it hurts.  So a shot of whiskey here, a box of wine there, soften the edge of a harsh world and arbitrary obligations. Be careful. Remember, no pleasure is worth tomorrow’s regret ,or ending up in rehab, or under a mountain of debt, or bad health.

To get the most out of this week start a dream journal. Dreams will be fruitful. There is opportunity to connect with other realms.  Remember your bubble of light, the one that surrounds and protects you, remember to intend it into place.  We can be more sensitive to energy that disturbs. So keep your invincible shield of Love and Light with you  while you explore your psychic superpowers.  Messages are easier to receive in the haze. Your spirit guides or crossed over loved ones can get through now. The veil is thin. The misty Neptune energy is perfect for intangible communication.  Write about it. You will want to capture what’s coming through. Pose a question and observe.

By the weekend Jupiter and Mercury connect and give you a blast of courage and enthusiasm to communicate something important.  Whatever it is you have  a golden opportunity this weekend.  Your vision is supported by helpful lucky passionate energy. Pluto and Venus connect to create deep deep love and a rare kind of sharing. Reach out now. Mars and Neptune connect mixing the infinite power of your imagination with a thrust of real world energy- You might pull an all nighter to finally get that book, or proposal or love letter out of you.

Much can be accomplished when we ride the right waves.  This week is full of fabulous potential. It’s time to add your own magic to the mix. Dancing helps. The time is now, not when, or then. Godspeed.

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