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November 16-22, 2015- Shift is happening. Mystical Neptune releases us from the fog and delusion. We suddenly see what’s happening. Mental Mercury and the out there Sun leave secretive Scorpio for lay it on the table Sagittarius.  Phew, we made it through.  And now we have a lot to say.  So say it! Be You, and all your opinions too.

Tuesday the Sun and Mercury conjoin in Scorpio. Time to deeply bond with another human being.  Scorpio energy goes deep, beyond nice looks and superficial chit chat. Scorpio helps you bare your Soul,  to wake up and realize you have a Soul that needs baring.

Suddenly you have deep feelings- Maybe you just met your Soulmate and boarded the crazy train of knowing and not knowing.  With this combo you have moments of knowing, but you are blessed with knowing that what you know is true. Sweet grace. Breathe in and relax.

This is the last week of this intense Scorpio energy. You know more than you did before. If you took the opportunities to understand what life was pointing out, things will start getting really good.  It could feel a lot like leaving one space time dimension for another.  Like stepping through the fortunate red door into your more fortunate new existence.  The one you have been running alongside your whole life.  A shift in perspective offers up the keys to the kingdom.

Wednesday November 18, 2015 Neptune goes direct.  It has been slowly sliding back since June 7, 2015 .Which means we can see a little more clearly again. Our creative juices can find their way forward to the light of day. Being let out of whatever closet you’ve been hiding the unacceptable parts of yourself in is a dream come true.  Like minded companions are a gift.  Choose wisely. Fly freely.

Since Neptune is moving direct you’ll find life makes more sense.  You’ll find a way to self expression.  A way to make concrete testaments to the worlds, or underworlds, you’ve glimpsed the last five months or so.  Neptune idealizes, forms dreams for us to then bring into reality if Saturn aligns in favorable ways. If not, then there is shame, and martyr, addiction and confusion. Saturn is aiding in discipline.

Saturn is thinking big in Sagittarius for the next 2 years. You should think big too.  Think about it all.  And tell it like it is. Publish, market, stand for something. You’ll have little time for complicated drama.  Life is too big to think so small.  Travel, work in the world, and truth telling are all being supported by moral Saturn. There are answers to all your questions- Start asking them.  Ask anything.

I find the planetary shifts from Scorpio to Sagittarius a breath of fresh honest open air.  I have my Mercury and Mars in Sagittarius and I  really need to be myself with those that are closest. Sagittarius is a what you see is what you get energy. It’s real and true and at times obnoxiously self certain. When I get all obnoxious and self certain I appreciate myself for knowing I know what’s best for me. It’s a gift to be so certain. Said the obnoxious Sagittarius : )

We can all get a glimpse of it in the next month.  Stand up for what you know to be true.  Say what you feel.  Try to soften it a little with understanding that we all have our own truth. Our own versions of it. But yours is valid and likely wise.  So free your voice and speak your truth.

This week is filled with wonderful opportunities to take steps in right directions.  Keep your focus high.  Towards the Light and Love. Focus on healthy wealthy and wise.  That should be no problem this week.  Appreciate what you have to attract what you want.  Beam Love!

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