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December 14-20, 2015 soul shifting Pluto is making helpful contact with peace seeking Venus before fusing with communicator Mercury this week.  Relationships can take it to the next level. Share your deepest wishes. Seek peace, beauty and deep heartfelt connection. Our souls sing when we share our feelings-no matter how irrational. Be vulnerable, here you will find your greatest strength.

Wednesday the moon will move into sensitive Pisces.  You might find yourself extra sleepy.  Napping is the domain of dreamy Neptune, ruler of this Pisces moon. This same day the moon is sitting right on top of Neptune adding to this watery influence.  Emotions are on high.  Neptune can take us to mystical places. But it is also the great deceiver. Gifted at creating illusions.  So when you are making a list, check it twice.  If something seems to good to be true with this influence it probably is. But then again it could just be true too.  That’s the tricky thing about this energy- It usually isn’t until after it passes before you know for certain.

Also, under the domain of Neptune is great creativity. Music, movies, art.  There is a high level of inspiration available now. Connections to other realms are powerful. Deep meditation, spiritual visions, and visits from your benevolent spirit guides are all available to you. Avoid drugs and alcohol to make the most of this very spirit full time. You senses are heightened now, dulling them in any way would waste what is being offered by the universe.

Thursday Venus and Pluto join to support each other. Pluto is where we look to see what our Soul is up to, our higher self.  And Venus relates to our Values and relationships.  We do much growing through our relationships and this combo is very fortunate- You can see more clearly what is truly of value to you. Your investment in expressing yourself through this energy will be rewarded with a deep sense of purpose, understanding and belonging.

Saturday Pluto is sliding into position beside Mercury. Our communications will take on a deeper more intense tone.  Mercury loves to chat,but Pluto feels chit chat is a mundane waste of time.  Put these two together and you get communication that is deep and meaningful. Secrets are often revealed and healing can take place.  If you have something important to say to someone now would be the time.  Or, it is likely that someone has something important to say to you. Welcome any form of deeper communication today, even if you are the type that isn’t into Soul revealing conversation, if you want the weight lifted now is the time to open up that heart of yours.

The week ends with a tricky combo between Mercury and Uranus.  Mercury has been busy this week and connecting to Uranus could lead to some surprising communications.  Shock is one of Uranus favorite ways to get us to make changes.  Tread carefully Sunday evening. Watch you don’t say something regrettable just to cause a shock. On the other hand, sometimes things you should say but won’t under normal circumstances will come flying out of you.  In this case Uranus is doing you a favor and unblocking the communication pathways. I will say it again: the truth will set you free. Let it.

Next week we have the Winter Solstice and A Full Moon in family loving Cancer right on Christmas Day. A powerful week indeed.  Many Blessings of order and progress to get you ready for this new beginning.

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