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9-15 June, 2014- Dreamy Neptune retraces its steps and the Moon will be full in Intuitive Sagittarius and Mercury isgratitudegr retrograde. This gives you a chance to get real. In an unreal sort of way.  Neptune is an illusive energy that transforms through dissolving and Sagittarius has flashes of knowing without logical processing. The week ends with Mars and Pluto in a struggle for power that will stretch us- Be cautious and flexible. This week offers an enlightening shift in perspective.

Neptune will be turning inward from June 9-November 15, 2014. It is in its own sign Pisces while retracing its steps for the next five months.   Neptune is a considered the higher octave of earthy Venus. It can bring a spiritual strength and a desire to serve or an addictive need to escape the harsh reality of life. It’s a fine line to walk for certain. Neptune  can offer guidance or lead us down the rabbit hole, avoiding all responsibility. Neptune is idealistic, evasive, artistic, sentimental and scattered.  During this retrograde period you will have an opportunity to revisit the area of your life ruled by Neptune. Your Spiritual nature will be enhanced.  Perhaps you will sense your Spirit guides more closely or begin to see auras.  How can you develop your spiritual life now? What can you do to create a unique way of honoring the subtle side of life?  Make music, write, paint, express the inexpressible.  An influx of power is possible when you make room inside yourself to witness the magic around you.

The Full moon is in Sagittarius in June 12,2014 at 9:11pm PST.  At full moons the sun is always in opposition to the moon. Now it is the Gemini Sun opposing the Sagittarius moon. We get a chance to see more clearly any imbalance that exists. Gemini is a here and now, happy to be entertained in the moment energy.  Sagittarius likes to think about the future.  It wants to ponder philosophical possibilities. But we need a balance of these to energies to make any real headway in our lives.

This full moon also has an opposition between Venus and Saturn.  It’s a cold lonely combo.  A chance to get clear about excess and how to plug any holes.  I have this opposition in my own chart- it creates a feeling of inadequacy. A feeling of not being good enough. You may get to feel the unloved parts of yourself. We all have an inner reject. Imagine the puppy in the litter that is not quite right, the mother ignores him, places her attention on the strong healthy adorable puppies she can be proud of. Imagine how the little reject puppy feels.  While that is Venus in Scorpio.   We all have to reject or be rejected in life. It’s part of the human experience. It’s good to feel the feelings so you can let them go. This energy gives you strength to reach inside and affirm your own worth. Remember: You are worthy and Lovable. Seek those who know.

With the Full Moon in honest Sagittarius you will feel compelled to really release the truth of your feelings. You can rise above what you can understand. Self-expression will keep you healthy and happy and able to deal with the little tornadoes of pain we all have to feel now and again.

Saturday fiery Mars in peace loving Libra is squaring off with a Capricorn Pluto.  Square energy is tricky to navigate. But change is made with this insistent energy. Whenever Pluto is involved it is important to think for the good of everyone. Selfishness or vengeance is not a good idea as any ill intent is multiplied and sent back to us. Shit really hits the fan if your attitude is bad.  Gratitude is the attitude you want to broadcast if you want to attract the unlimited blessings of the Universe. Be cautious and thoughtful. Be conscious and calm.  Then you can harness the power for change this energy is capable of. Many blessings for yet another exciting week of evolution. Namaste

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