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Moon BeamMay 26- June 1, 2014 The moon is new in curious Gemini- This is a lovely week of smoothly moving potent energy. Shortly after the new moon, Venus moves into its own sign of Taurus and clever Mercury moves from intellectual Gemini to sensitive Cancer. This is your chance to begin again, your monthly resolutions need to be set. Harnessing the power of the monthly new moon makes growing easy. Enjoy the easy good feelings available this week. Stability and beauty, nurturing and understanding are yours to be had-pass it around.

The New moon is exact at 11:40 am PST on Wednesday the 28th- our intentions and actions have a lot of zoom when we take time to get clear about what we are choosing to manifest in our lives. Not choosing is also choosing in a powerless kind of way. So sit yourself down and get clear. Who are you? What will make you happy in all your moments? How can you make others happy? Gemini is a very changeable air sign, tricky to pin down. With the moon in Gemini issues of communication, short trips, writing, speaking and connecting on day to day topics are all enjoyable now. Be Spontaneous! Follow your curiosity.

The same day we have a square between the Sun and Dreamy Neptune. You might feel stretched by your very own perceptions of reality. Neptune perceives and receives information that may not always be clear. Nothing is as it seems with Neptune influencing- yet the purpose of this is to dissolve what is no longer needed and allow you to dream a little dream. It can get you in touch with your deeply feeling self. The one we often have to shut off to survive the ‘real world’. So we could be getting a flashy vision of what is possible. Or connect with loved ones in other realms. People who have a lot of Neptune in their charts tend to be super sensitive to all energy. Learn to call in protection when you feel vulnerable and steer clear of vexatious people. Your golden shield of light is just a thought away from activated. Imagine yourself surrounded in a bubble of light- purple works great too. This simple technique is one your super powers. Don’t forget to use it.

Later that day Venus Moves into Taurus. Venus rules the sign of Taurus. Anything that soothes the sense will be very much enjoyed. There is an ability to settle in and be content with things exactly as they are. Taurus energy isn’t really into changing anything it would much prefer to maintaining things as they are. Surround yourself with people who make you feel loved and secure. Indulge your senses with delicious food and fabulous fabric. Taurus digs gardening and making things beautiful so get busy with bringing beauty. Essential oils and pedicures and dinners out will make you feel like a million bucks. Venus will be in Taurus until June 23, 2014. Enjoy it.

Thursday Mercury heads into Cancer. Your thoughts will turn to home and family. This ties in perfectly with the Venus in Taurus energy. Family B-B-Q’s and get togethers with loved ones. Home improvements and long walks holding hands are all great ways to pass the time while you communicate with your favorite people, ideally this would be your family- but let’s face it- Not too many people really feel like family is family. Find your people and be with them: Loving support, loyalty and like mindedness go a long long way to filling any gaps we have from crappy relationships with parental units. The sooner we let go the sooner we can find our real family. Remember, you can’t drink from an empty cup. An important, yet often hard-won lesson.

It’s a great week ahead. Even the weekend has an energizing aspect between Mars and the Sun. Fiery- do lot’s of stuff on Saturday- Build a fence, hike, move furniture, dance. Get that motor running. Head out on the highway : ) Life is moving along unhindered. Participation brings satisfaction. Amplify the good and release the rest. Deepak Chopra uses these guidelines to decide what stays-ask yourself: Am I having fun? Am I seeing results? And, Is it easy? if you can’t say yes to at least one of these things- drop that potato and move into new and energized directions. Blessed Be!

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