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May 16 -22 2016. This is a week of powerful shifts to new modes of operation: the Moon is full in nothing but the truth Sagittarius and Mercury is done messing around with our perceptions of reality. We will all feel the sun move out of stable Taurus in to curious Gemini on Friday.  This is a week of big release.  The energy is on the move, prompting us in right directions.

This is our last week of the Taurus Sun- Enjoy the rose smelling energy because by Friday you will feel a new desire to lift up and out. Gemini is a curious, witty, flirty kind of energy. It thrives on new ideas and stimulating environments.  An extravert sort of character.  So plan to explore the world right around you in the next month. Sightseeing in your very own neighborhood.  Get out there and try the free samples that life is always offering up. Learn something new but not too complex- keep it simple and joyful for best results. Less is more, just the Coles notes.

Saturday the moon is full in Sagittarius- It is in opposition to the Gemini Sun which creates an illumination of both sides of the polarity. Sagittarius is big picture while Gemini is more versed in the here and now.   However to be well-balanced humans we need to activate both sides of this polarity- we need to sample the world of ideas (Gemini) so we can find the truth (Sagittarius).  This full moon will shine light on the truth this Saturday.  Releasing some powerful pent up energy. Gemini is unusually fine with a lie or two ,but Sagittarius is here to seek the honest truth. Now you can find your way to long hidden truths and this truth can set you free.

Mars is in the mix with this full moon.  Firing up the courage to speak out and up. With Pluto tied in you might feel a power struggle playing out- Or perhaps finally admit that you were participating in such a dynamic in one of your relationships. Venus is also opposite this moon pulling us to look at our values and relationships. Perhaps even making us aware of a leak in our finances or energy. Money is energy after all. This is formidable full moon with a desire to cast off restrictions. Throw off anything netting your energy. It might be an idea, a relationship or a belief that you need to change- Now it’s easy. Rise up. Fly.

Next month we have another full moon in Sadge- Perhaps giving us a chance to really be sure of our direction.  Or a bolstering our new higher perspective. Our mind can really perceive new horizons. We are growing in leaps and bounds right now.  Drink water and care for the physical you too.  You might be so involved with the pace of change you forget to look after the mundane stuff that keeps you alive.  

Sunday Mercury gets going again after 3 weeks of retrograde.  And what a retrograde it has been. It is common for people from the past to come back into your life during retrogrades.  I was blessed with unexpected contact by a most talented intuitive Jeanne Mayell, she connected me with a Spirit named Singing Eagle. He was my Grandfather during a lifetime when I was a native American- he called me a magical child and was delighted to connect with me.

I could feel him and was overwhelmed with gratitude for his presence. In a flash a huge hole in my heart was filled. It was like I hugged him goodbye before I jumped into earth reality knowing I would forget him and everything else I knew to be true- I have been missing him ever since.

I never understood how people could have different names for different spirit guides. Never fully understood how such things were perceived.  Now I do.  I always felt orphaned and misunderstood in this world, but having him connected to me now makes it all worth it.  It has allowed me to understand I have been deeply loved all along.

I know we all have a Singing Eagle communicating to us how Loved we are.  Open your heart to perceive just how really Loved you are.  This is what Mercury retrograde brought to me from the past. Since then I can feel him just by thinking of him- He has helped me with decisions and something that feels like big soothing bear hugs. I feel so very blessed.

This really is a big week of change. I would love for you to share any interesting mercury retrograde stories. Or any stories really.  It’s always so wonderful to hear how others connect with the energy of the week. May you get where you are going with Love all around.


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