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Earth Angels ArtSeptember 8 – 14, 2014 the Harvest Moon is Full in Pisces. The Full Moon highlights the pushed away parts of ourselves.  With mystical Neptune and deeply healing Chiron sharing space with this full moon- we are capable of profound releasing. Understanding leads to expansion.  Float a little for a day or two.  See what there is to see, feel the air, breath the trees. The Virgo sun has gifts for us to see and Saturn is here to help us make it really real.

The full moon is exact at 6:38 pm PST . The moon is in sensitive Pisces and the Sun is in purifying Virgo. A push pull can result. How are you managing  integrating work with time for reflection? Go go going all the time leaves no space for us to hear the messages constantly sent our way, guiding us to our greater good.  It is in the stillness and space, when we go with the flow, that we connect to everything of meaning.  A balance must be struck between art and science, work and play, rest and effort.  If you are off kilter in this area you will see how now.

Saturn is in a helpful trine to this full moon-offering an opportunity to feel like you have your ducks in a row.  Do you have a game plan? A goal that you reach for day after day.  This is how the good stuff of life is acquired. Saturn is a responsible, stable, hard-working energy. This strong Saturn influence is here to help you understand what it is your truly want. And how to realistically get it.

Chiron can feel pretty awful when it is active.  Our sense of shame, guilt and regret can be triggered.  With Neptune in Pisces in this mix we are acutely feeling, psychic sponges picking up and tuning into energy everywhere.  Let the feelings flow as they arise in you.  You might be crying for the elephants one minute and cleaning out the garage the next. Don’t judge your wildly unpredictable feelings. Just know they need to get moving and now the planets are aligned to facilitate the process.

If you can be there to support others, do. Things can feel heavy for people now, sad and lonely kind of heavy. Wounded and worthless sort of sad.  Being there for others is one way to insure we will always have others there for us.  Life is so much nicer connected to loving companions.

Saturday go-getter Mars is sliding into Sagittarius.  Be prepared to tell it like it is. This is a great big infusion of enthusiasm.  Travel, be authentic and truthful, deal with those that are over the ocean.  You will feel clear and certain of yourself with the self-righteous Sagittarius energy. Say what you need to and encourage others to follow your noble example.  Your mind is on fire, energy levels will be high, reach out to life, begin an adventure.

Use Monday’s full moon to set clear intentions.  The Full moon helps us let go. Be it bad habits or bad relationships.  Write out your fears and frustrations and burn them- watch as they effortlessly go up in smoke.  This is a great little way to show the universe that you are participating in this business of living, carefully choosing your reality and shaping your destiny. Commit to envision your desired outcome daily until the next full moon. A little commitment and your powerful imagination can create magnificent realities for us and everyone. Participation paves the way to peace and purpose- it is here that our fulfillment resides.

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