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June 6-12 2016 Your mind is crackling this week with all the curious chatty Gemini energy. We are still feeling the tension of big thinking Jupiter and peace keeping Venus  squaring off.   Mental Mercury will end the week by sliding into Gemini, it’s on fire in its own territory, watch for the pace of your interaction with the world to pick up considerably.

We start the week under a stressful glow. Its likely that you have become clear on the directions to take. The New Moon was potent with potential. Most especially for the ambitious go getters of the world.  

Though it isn’t easy to integrate so many varying needs you and others in your life might have. You are here to figure out how to do that. No one part should be neglected, all of these needs are legitimate.

Or are they? That might be part of figuring out your needs. You might have to say no to the needs of others. The square energy is complicated but oh so fruitful. No doubt you have been pulled in different directions . Let that tension double bounce you into a future with your potential fulfilled.

Mars and Mercury are opposing each other on Thursday. In equally stubborn Taurus and Scorpio.  Watch for inappropriate behaviour. Some yelling or door slamming. In its worst manifestation things might transpire that cause you to cut all ties, in an off with the head kind of way.

Neither of these signs are flexible. Scorpio Mars is busy ferreting out the roots of  the hang ups and hold backs  while Taurus Mercury is busy being comfortable with the way things are.  These two need each others expertise for balance. But they are both not likely to negotiate.

Watch for stubborn refusal, and big brick walls.  Watch for vindictive lesson teaching and venomous words.  Contrary to the Viking way of life, revenge is not sweet.  It’s karmically unproductive.

The week ends with Mercury sliding happily into Gemini so it can get a move on.  Mercury rules Gemini. It’s been feeling hemmed in Taurus since the beginning of April. Now it can fly around and sample from life rich offerings.

Communications are going to pick up for the next 3 weeks. For the shut it types, like me, use this light curious energy to make headway in social situations. If you reach out to the world with your ideas, no matter how quirky, you will be rewarded with interest.

Enjoy the long days and fragrant night air.  Take little trips. Visit with extended family. Connect with your siblings.  Read, write and give yourself permission to sample different experiences. But always be aware of how you will feel the next day. Guilt is a guide used properly.

This week is interesting to say the  least.  It won’t be until the end of the month that we can be super clear – so just go with the flow, be present and enjoy lifes little offerings.  Many Blessings are free for the noticing. Now you can see.

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