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November 24-30 2014 The Sun is in buoyant, adventurous, Sagittarius and Mercury moves there this week too. Our minds will be filled with optimistic helpful thoughts. Everyone one will feel this shift in perspective when things shift from deep broody Scorpio to future focused Sagittarius. This week we will need to be ready to get serious as Mercury will cross directly over stand on your own two feet Saturn. Are you prepared? The truth will set you free. Be free!

Tuesday Saturn and Mercury share the same energetic space giving us a swift hit of both energies. And, they are in Scorpio. Where is your pain? Tuesday evening PST will give you a glimpse of what has wounded you before. Feelings arising now are not necessarily because of what is happening now. If you take a look back you can find the root of these issues. Likely to arise are feelings of fear, fear for your health, fear of dieing. Also, feelings of complete inadequacy, feeling incompetent and weak. Worthlessness and feeling just not good enough, like there is something shameful or wrong about you. Let these feeling surface if they must. Know that we all get to sojourn through these dark and fear filled realms, it’s part of the human experience.

By Thursday Mercury will shift into Sagittarius and you will be all “F this shit” I am off on new adventures. Sagittarius is philosophical but not likely to put up with negative entanglements for long. As Mercury, Planet of communication moves through Sagittarius for the next three weeks you are going to be at risk of putting your foot in your mouth. But if you ask me, it’s really worth it, being who truly are. Sagittarius energy helps us understand the bigger picture and head off in search of new and growth inspiring life experiences. Enjoy. In Joy!

The week ends with Mercury squaring illusive Neptune. Perhaps you are mentally stretched and losing your grip a little. Being forgetful or fearful. This is a good day to rest in your own private space to work out what your dreams have meant lately. Is there a message you keep pushing away? Creative self expression of some kind will channel and contain this hard to grasp energy. Don’t expect conclusions or definitions to come. Just float along in it if possible, see where it takes you, be a non-judgemental observer and open to receive helpful guidance. Be sure to have your bubble of light in place at all times, smudge and clear the energy in your home- ground down to Mother Earth. Easy and hard to define are mingling now, what are your perceptions?

Its a great week for gathering tricky material into something you can work with. Enjoy the truth that arises. Life is moving into newness but has yet to take shape.This a powerful time to create:the space between then and when. Integrity comes easy now, go forth and prosper, you are on the right track.

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