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May 24-31, 2015 Mercury retrograde is ushering us within. “If you don’t go within, you go without.” You can happily avoid making decisions now. It’s time for review. When Mercury goes direct again June 11, 2015, you can get moving again, faster than you might expect. So enjoy looking back, and in, and through things. Mercury will be making important contacts all week, giving you a chance to see things in an entirely new way. Be present.
Wednesday Mercury, ruler of communication will conjoin with Mars, the planet that fuels action and movement. Getting your point across is important today. For all of us, so try and listen too. Gemini is an air sign, curious and great at making connections, but not necessarily following through. So this is not a time of commiment but time for self-expression. Which could lead to a commitment down the road. But the point is to express that self of yours. You won’t regret it.
With Venus in a harmonious trine with Chiron, real healing can be found on the relationship front. Probably through open honest unfiltered communication. Chiron represents the wounded part of ourselves. And Venus, relationships. Perhaps you share some personal history with a loved one. Something you had managed to box up and put away. It takes a lot of energy to keep things pushed aside. If you allow your real feelings to bubble up now you may discover an incredible peace in side yourself. The peace of true release. Once you truly let things go and forgive yourself and all involved you can move in the directions of fulfillment and Love.
Friday Mercury will square Neptune, a square represents energies at cross purpose, each arriving at totally different conclusions with the same information. This combo can create confusion and illusion. Things are definitely not what them seem. Don’t sign anything. Allow space for your imagination to communicate with you. Neptune is all about what cannot be explained and described. Mercury is there to describe and explain. For now, just observe what comes up. Creative ideas can lead you places but will likely take more effort than expected. Jot things down. Journal or Vlog- you might just say what you need to hear.
Saturday with the moon in deep seeking Scorpio the Sun will share the same space with Mercury creating a sizzling combination of electric realizations. The Moon and Neptune are connecting to make a dreamy reality true. You may notice how the dots are all connected and how everything you have ever done has lead you to exactly where you are. Ah Ha moments are on rapid fire.
Sunday is also significant with things going from super clear to fuzzy for a while. You may feel like the rug has been pulled out from under your big ideas. Reality and your ideals not meeting up. But this is fleeting, a feeling that keeps you humble and practical. It’s always a blessing when you can step outside of your situations. Ask what life is trying to show you? What are you learning from this situation that can benefit you? If you can keep that philosophical point of view you will likely not even notice this challenging day.
This week is very mental in nature- Your mind will be active but not always in a clear and discerning way. Keep that in mind and stay well rested and nourished. Also, stretching and putting each of your joints through the full range of motion will help keep you healthy and youthful without draining any of that precious energy. So get out there and be your youest you- you have all that you need to get what you want!

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