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mental telepathyFebruary 3-9, 2014 Mercury is going retrograde on the sixth.  Use this time to review your thoughts. It’s time to reset your intentions-become aware of your thought processes. Perhaps an upgrade is in order. Are your thoughts, words and deeds paving the way to a beautiful future?

Mercury will start out in Pisces, but backtrack into Aquarius before heading forward at the end of the month.  Your inner vision will be impressive.  Be watchful of your thoughts and words.  Often, in retrograde Mercury, the past will come up to be dealt with in some way. Old friends or Lovers might appear to express or complete some correspondence, wanting clarity.

Mercury retrograde is great for reviewing- going over the details. It is not really a forward moving time, though things that are meant to move forward will. Just be cautious with details and delays. Patience goes a long way during this time. Travel can be tricky, so pack carefully and double-check schedules.

Aquarius is a humanitarian future thinking genius.  A wonderful practice this month would be to practice deep self-Love.  Saying  I Love you every morning to yourself in the mirror- (way harder than you would think). Eating healthy nourishing foods. Pampering yourself with hot baths and hikes in the open air.  Whatever feels loving to the self is what you should focus on. It is only when you Love and Honor yourself that you can be loved and honored from outside yourself. And, when your needs for Love are met then you can go out and offer Love to the world.

With Mercury Retrograde through Aquarius we can see how limiting our thoughts are.  We can break down barriers, rise above them really. Your vibration is speeding up- lifting you higher.  You may be surprised at the  new ideas and pathways occurring to you. Our thoughts are electric- our connection to others first begins with energy. Take your inner knowings seriously.  Allow yourself to lift beyond previous limitations- Lay the groundwork with clearly spoken affirmations stated in the present tense: I am Love. I am Loving. I am Loved.  If you feel you  are Loved you will allow all good things to come into your life. So work on Loving you. Then, watch the magic happen!

This is a wonderful week to stop your procrastination.  Trust me, you want the stuff that you have been putting off put away and complete.  This frees up space for the real growth that will present itself. Your mind is likely about to go through a liberation. How exciting considering our thoughts are attracting reality.  Go with the flow-but monitor your response. Life is kind. You are Loved!

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