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April 26- May 2, 2016 Master of communications Mercury is going retrograde this week. This is a significant shift in perspective. It’s time to turn and walk backwards for awhile.  Have a look at what you are leaving behind or  maybe dragging behind you- either way, It’s important to know how you are handling your day to day progress towards your true and total happiness. Are you heading in the right direction?

Mercury is all about communicating, thinking, processing, articulating ideas, travel. Movement of information. When it is retrograde you can often observe complications in these areas.  Details are missing, wires are crossed.  The point of all this, I suppose, is to help us change our perspective.  Take a moment to review what and who and why you are communicating the way you do. Actually take 3 weeks. More like 6 when the dust finally settles.

Have fun and do your own experiment- Observe for yourself while life unfolds from April 28- May 22nd. June seventh it reaches the same degree it went retrograde: 24 degrees of Taurus. This gives us a lot of time to review our normal ways of being in the world.

Oftentimes the past will literally show up. People from before make an appearance now.  A phone call or a message. The internet age allows us to reach back through time with ease.  So though it might seem like magical coincidence and somehow fated, remember, the meaning of life is the meaning we give it.

All relationships are here to teach us to honor ourselves. Perhaps you need a review of an old lesson.  A nice reminder of  how far you’ve come and how smart you are.  There are moments when you actually are your future self and you can feel proud of younger you for making the hard choice and going your own way. Which is really the only we are required to go. Give yourself a big hug.

Mercury retrograde  in Taurus wants you to slow down and do it differently.  To repose. Ground yourself. Feet on earth hands in dirt.  Breathe. Deep slow intentional breaths.  Feed yourself nourishing food. Forage for dandelion greens.  Harvest some nettle for  soup.  Be earthy, think earthy thoughts.  Your strength will return when you learn how nourish yourself.

Venus also moves into Taurus on Friday.  More earthy energy. Venus is the ruler of Taurus so it is cozy and at home here. A relief from the wild times that can be triggered when Venus travels impetuous Aries where it has been since early this month.

Now you can settle in and make a commitment.  Or in the very least contemplate what commitment might actually feel like. The good parts. Like someone to share the business of living.  I do lunch and you do the garbage. I clean the toilet and you clean behind the toilet.  I plant the garden and you mow the lawn.  With the right partner life is so much better. Someone to hug you when you need it.  We all do better with someone to hug.

The pressure can lift now if you let it.  Remind yourself to be aware. Look for opportunities that have been there all along.  Ideas that keep coming back are the handy work of our Guardian Spirit guides, reminding us how to find our happy. Never giving up on us. So don’t give up on them. Ask the right questions and the answers will come. As if by magic.


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