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butterfly-spirit-mandala2June 30-July 6, 2014 Mercury finally goes direct after three weeks of communication shenanigans. It will take a couple more weeks to regain its position so don’t rush into anything just yet. The week ends with powerful Pluto in an opposition to the life giving Sun. You may just feel the need to fight for your rights in some way- keep the rose colored glasses at home- Intend to know the truth, even if it’s always changing.

Mercury is the planet that rules communications.  It back tracks, or retrogrades for three weeks every three months. Commonly during Mercury retrograde we run in to communication or travel snafus.  For me this month, it was Skype, it kept dropping calls and generally not working as it should. It’s not the best time to travel or buy gadgets that assist with communications. They say that the retrograde period actually relates to the amount of time we spend asleep.  A time to replenish, renew, reassess, rebirth, review, and rewind. All the ‘re’ words work very well in retrograde Mercury.  It gives us a chance to look back over the last three months to be sure we are headed in the right direction.  Often times people from the past will show up. Usually bringing up unresolved feelings for review and release.

But that’s all over now.  By mid month you can move forward full steam ahead with a much clearer head. If we aren’t in such a rush to move forward, Mercury retrograde is no more than a nuisance usually.  It’s those who love to rush that find it the most frustrating.  You will feel a definite shift in energy after July first, the day Mercury moves forward again.

Friday penetrating Pluto is opposing the Sun.  Squares are tricky to negotiate, the can force growth or they can cause a sort of resignation.  If your the bury your head in the sand type you will find it more disruptive, situations can occur to cause you to become aware of what’s really going on. If you tend towards transformation then you can really embrace Pluto’s powerful urge to purge. Oh rhyming, how I love you. Watch for power struggles. A feeling that somehow your power has been stolen by circumstances beyond your control is common. But this also helps you see what your deeper motivations are. Usually in the process we discover strength and resources we never even knew we had.  When we consider the greater good of all involved Pluto is a great healer, a liberator of personal power.  Face what you fear and your fears will fall away.

An interesting week for certain.  Stay well rested and ready for what, if anything, comes up for you.  Life really is on our side, nudging us along in the direction of our greatest fulfillment.  Lean into it. Make changes that need making for a smooth sailing ride to all your dreams come true.  You just gotta believe. Oh, and focus, and intend and then know.  Use your magic, it is your birthright.

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