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19-25 December 2017. Mercury goes direct.  Saturn and Venus move to Capricorn. And the Winter Solstice. Plan your plans.  Moments spent getting clear about the future are well used. See what you want in your minds eye- This is how you build the bones of your fabulous future. Its building time.  The work before the work begins. Take on responsibility for best results.

On the 19th Saturn Moves to Capricorn.  It has not been an easy go for Saturn in Sagittarius.  Saturn is here to teach us to grow up.  Step up and walk the talk.  Sagittarius is into the truth and why of everything but not the mundane routines required to build something that lasts. Just in the nick of time Saturn makes this most auspicious move to Capricorn.

Something important is about to be constructed.  With Saturn in Capricorn we have an opportunity to tap into Father energy.  We all need a Dad and many of us never got one.  We need to cultivate our inner father.  Saturn here will offer us a chance to learn what it feels like to be capable and able to concern ourselves with the wellbeing of the future generations of all Earthlings.  Now we all get to be a good Dad. To integrate that part of the collective psyche.

Love loving Venus will have lucky encounters with exciting Uranus before the Winter Solstice on the 21st.  The Sun fused with  Saturn here bring with it a sense of importance.  Whatever is happening in your reality now is meaningful.  In retrospect you will see this time as a turning point. Be conscious.

Mercury moves Direct on the 22nd.  This one was tricky indeed, as it moved along with Saturn blurting unpleasant truths. Burdens in the form of line ups and dropped calls are real.  No one is there to listen when you need it. But we are moving into clear territory. Breathe easy and sleep better.

The Weekend before xmas is filled with lovely little reminders of the magic in life. Our imaginations are our ticket to ride, to participate. Dreams come true because you had a dream in the first place.  Discipline and persistence  in your pursuit of your vision will get your there. So decide to focus that powerful mind of yours.  Focus into being your highest potential, our highest potential.

There is work to be done.Christmas is kinda tricky.  There could be burdens.  You may feel sad.  It could be a hide and cry kinda day but instead you are stuffing your feelings right along with the turkey. But also, lots can be accomplished.  Family is worth it. Usually.This might be something you grapple with.  Learn from your encounters.

To tap into the Winter Solstice energy get out your art stuff.  Humans are happy when we make stuff. We are makers, and super good at it too. Make something.  Capture the essence of what you want next year to bring. Make your five year plan. Release the past. Call in new foundations that will support your fabulous future full of realized potential. The Solstice has powerful energy for us to tap in too. Be sure you do.  Namaste.

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