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sara catineaJuly 28-August 3, 2014 The Leo energy is gifting us with ways to enhance our confidence and creativity. Communicator Mercury moves into Leo: a happy shift into a fun loving self-satisfied energy.  Focus on romance. Find things to celebrate, play, laugh, create, encourage. Your enthusiasm is contagious.  Express yourself creatively- actualize your bright beautiful self! This week brings concentrated focus helping you get what you want by being who you are. Remember to use what you know to help others shine too- the night sky would be much less magnificent if it only had one star. The Universe calls us all to sparkle and glow.  Together we make a pretty spectacular show.

The week starts with Pluto and Venus opposing each other.  Venus likes it light- Pluto insists there is more to the picture.  Things that have been pushed to the side insist on being heard now. Sure it can be disruptive, but life needs living and Pluto makes sure we aren’t leaving out the important things.  Venus wants to make it work so this time can be helpful if you are willing to express your truth and listen to your loved ones too. We all have different versions of reality- Now’s your chance to find out more. Clarity creates harmony.

Mars went into Scorpio on the 25th. Finally, after a super long time in fence sitting, yet lovely Libra, it will be refreshingly, moving into a sign that is the very definition of decisive.  Focus is the key to many kinds of success and Mars in Scorpio will be just that: Focused! This is the sort of energy that could learn to do surgery watching YouTube and have the laser beam attention and confidence to be successful when they tried it for reals. If you need to do some transformation (don’t we all?) Mars and Scorpio will fuel a fruitful foray into fantastic new frontiers.

Mercury into Leo on the 31st  brings in a wonderful, uplifting, happy-go-lucky energy. It will also help you realize your true self-worth.  Suddenly, you may see you have been putting up with someone else’s crap too long. Understanding how truly, deeply, worthy you are is possible now. This simple shift in perspective can radically, miraculously change your life. When you Love yourself, when you have your own back, and insist on Love, Abundance, Joy and Respect, that is what you are going to get. Mercury in Leo will help you to see this and communicate the needs of your inner child. Express yourself -make Joy. Your Soul will sing when you do.

Friday, August 1, 2014 PST Jupiter in luxury loving  Leo Squares Mars in Scrutinizing Scorpio.  Squares are stressful.  Energy with a different purpose. Be thoughtful. Maybe you want to get happy drunk on an outdoor patio somewhere pretty and your mate is into discussing the finances and how you cheated on him in college.   Energy like this can be a challenge, but it’s good for us. It stretches us into adaptable, capable human  beings.

Saturday Mercury fuses with Jupiter- Big communication possibilities.  Yet, the energy still squares Mars.  The best you can do is make sure everyone feels heard.  It may be a fight for center-stage.  Possible, dramatic emotional outbursts.  Especially if you feel unheard and frustrated. But you could also do something today that scares you.  Put yourself out there and nail it. Be sure to hesitate before making big commitments.  You may overestimate your own energy. Sure, now you are on fire, but that can’t last.  Be realistic while still being fantastic- flaky behaviour never gains you the respect you deserve. Take pride in what you can deliver.

Wow, what a week. Be brave and bold. Have fun, play games. Radiate warm  beams of love from your heart to attract back superior support from the Universe.

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