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January 25-31, 2016 Mercury goes direct!  Yay- finally.  This Capricorn Mercury Retrograde was stern.  Yikes! But this week it starts moving forward and so will the results of our intentions and resolutions. Welcome to 2016, now lets get rolling!

Hard work is called for but it will have lasting results now.  This Mercury retrograde was extremely tricky for business in general. Any new efforts were thwarted by knit-picky technical difficulties and communication snafus. Mercury really does a number on electronic equipment- the communication signals of the Universe are in reverse when mercury is retrograde.

If you managed to go within and review your intentions and how they are working in the world you likely learned a lot about yourself this last month or so.  Patience and thoughtful reflection are your friend while tricky Merc slides backward.

You will feel a real shift in energy now as your efforts to progress are rewarded with synchronicities to let you know your headed in the right direction.  Mercury will be in Capricorn until February 13. Any Capricorn ruled areas of life will have support.  What are you building?  What are you working towards in a logical step-by-step way?  You will rest easy each night if when you are on track- patiently taking one step after another. Productively progressing in very thorough ways may not be exciting but it is rewarding to feel safe and sound.

A potent alignment between Mercury and Pluto happens late January 29-PST Should make for an interesting weekend. Pluto is serious business.  If there is something that has been hidden for some reason – Pluto wants it out. Secrets fester.  Pluto wants to pop the zit of hidden truths.  It will make you see things about yourself that you try to repress.

With Mercury connected to Pluto our thoughts turn deep and probing. We open up awareness to the dark side of things. The difficult dealings of life get put on the table. It’s best to work with this energy and use it as an opportunity to face some kind the truth. What do you really want? What are you doing to block your own progress?  When in time did you start this behaviour? Why? Now is the time to ask yourself these questions- The truth sets free.

Mercury is fusing with Pluto in Capricorn three times in a short while, December 19, 2015, January 22, 29. We are all getting a chance to pop those festering bits of ourselves.  If you are in any way compromising yourself now you will see how that really wont work longterm.  By Saturday you should be clear about things that might have been murky for years, even lifetimes. Yay Pluto! It gets the work done!

A lovely sextile between Venus and Neptune should ease any difficulties as you become aware of the beauty and peace available, if you so choose. I keep choosing Peace and it has transformed my life in miraculous ways. Whenever my thoughts or feelings take me for a ride on the crazy train I put my hand over my heart and say out load with purpose” I choose Peace!”, Say it with my now. Put your hand on your Heart and say out loud ” I choose Peace!” and So It Is!

Saturday tune in for messages from your wise and loving guides. They are here to ease our burdens, if only we could remember to ask.  Ask!  Keep asking.  You deserve all the loving assistance available. Such a productive and peaceful year ahead! 2016 here we come!


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