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oppositesgrMay 5-11, 2014 Mercury the communicator shifts into witty Gemini. Talking will not be stopped. Do your very best to try to listen too. Mercury is the ruler of Gemini so it is rather at home traveling in its own domain. If you have to write anything you are going to feel like you are in the flow, words are there to be used, unbottle what you may have been stuffing to release internal pressures.

The week starts off with pleasant connections that should have things flowing smoothly. Tuesday afternoon PST Jolly generous big thinking Jupiter is in a beautiful dance of opportunity with the life giving Sun. Breath deep of this bright bold energy- it can see the future. Write down any images that come to you. Capture the brilliance that can come of this combo so you can go back to it. It may even just be a feeling of expansion and certainty about the brilliant life ahead of you. You may be granted, as if by magic, an opportunity that will change the course of your life. Prepare for the best and the best will surely come.

Wednesday Mercury makes it’s move. and its a fast mover. Your thoughts might race with this energy. Or ping pong around in your mind. Sleep could also be disrupted by this fast moving mental energy. Insomnia is most commonly caused by a racing mind. Thoughts can be like wild horses now, trying to control is pointless. Gently nudge them in positive directions and enjoy the sheer volume of ideas racing around in there. Writing, speaking, weekend getaways, visits with relatives, and running errands are all favored for the rest of the month. Go with the flow as next month Mercury starts its retrograde back slide giving us the opportunity to review and redo things. Not great for forward movement with anything related to communications or technology. But this month we are on fire.

Saturday midday, PST the Sun will come up against Saturn. The sun is in stable Taurus and Saturn is opposed in feather ruffling Scorpio. Saturn is very effective in Scorpio, digging deep to expose the flaws in the design, the chinks in the armor. Taurus wants to stay the same, very much opposed to exposing anything. Or even discussing the matter. You may find yourself in a push pull situation. This will be more or less difficult depending on your own personal wiring. It’s always best to open your mind and try to see both sides of any opposition. Lessons are learned in this manner. Change can be integrated.

Sunday could be a quarrelsome day. You may feel frustrated and short tempered- Yikes. Mars and Venus are in an opposition. People with this combo in their own charts often attract a life filled with bickering, or all out war in relationships. It’s not easy to agree or compromise now. Mercury is also Squaring Neptune. Things are not appearing as they seem. Look for holes in the story and be suspicious. You may have blinders on. Or, be deeply disillusioned by some situation or idea you took for granted.

Take care of yourself so you can be on your toes and ready to make your moves. Much can be integrated through any complications. Every situation has something to teach us. So learn, learn, learn. Your happiness is dependent on you reaching towards your full potential. Stretch yourself -Reach!

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