Hillory Skott

May 23-30, 2016 another busy week of change ahead.  Venus moves from her cozy spot in safe haven Taurus to curiously illusive Gemini, then opposes Mars in Sagittarius- A feeling of either or, this or that is rising clearly- What should you do? Relationships are being tested for truth and flexibility.

Wise old Saturn is in conflict with ever expanding Jupiter. Two very different Characters aligning in a square. Which creates a feeling of being totally misunderstood for both energies. These two would never last in a long term relationship. It’s likely this will be active for you somewhere in your life, internally or externally.

Jupiter is in fastidious Virgo expanding our desire to be of service, to tend to what needs tending.  But, Saturn is back tracking in Sagittarius, retracing important steps to do with foundational beliefs and the real truth of it all. Both are very concerned with going in their own direction.

I can see how they can make this square productive. Jupiter is busy expanding your awareness of the need for you to use your abilities to help and heal in someway. While Saturn is giving you a nice big dose of the truth of the matter. Helping you to form a belief structure that supports your growth in the direction of living a fulfilled life built on a sound foundation.  You may feel conflicted.  Just roll with it. Observe what is unfolding around you. You’ll know what to do.

Mars is retrograding now as well. Acting much differently than usual, its energy is internalized , being used to fuel an inner transformation. In Sagittarius it has been having you see the truth of some difficult situations.  The truth is like a sliver, it just has to come out. On Friday Mars will be sliding back into Scorpio.  Scorpio has no interest in the superficial, it is wanting to get to the roots of the issue.  

Difficult material can now be dealt with and understood. Scorpio will walk right through the door no one else wants to walk through. What is the Why? The how? The Truth? Keep your eyes open. Its coming.

Look to February and March to see what material you may be dealing with. By June 29th you will be through the woods. Until then investigate what is going on around you. It is likely deep and profound.  Meaning and purpose are making their way to the surface of your mind.  Once you get it. You can pack that material up and move past it once and for all.

The Gemini energy should add a curious lightness to what might seem really heavy at times.  Enjoy the fresh perspective of the old material. It will help you rise up and beyond old worn stories that are not getting you anywhere.  Get out there when you can and seek  peace and beauty in whatever you are doing wherever you are in every moment. One good moment filled with love and gratitude will inevitably lead to the next even better moment. Onward and upward brave soul. Your team is cheering for you. You are not alone.

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