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February 29-March 6, 2016 Mars is travelling the last intense degrees of depth defying Scorpio before moving into Big thinking Sagittarius this week. Usually, Mars is in one sign for eight weeks every two years. This year though, it  slides back and forth in only two signs for nine months! It’s like digging real deep so we can fly really high. Find out what area of your life is being affected in your chart on Astro.com. It’s free.

This extra long time Mars is spending in Sagittarius and Scorpio is highlighting this energy in all our charts.   Healing insight and the discipline to make the new take shape in reality are some of the gifts of this Energy. This is the last week of Scorpio energy until April when it slides back into the intense Plutonian energy of Scorpio.

Use this week to follow your instincts.  Be careful with obsession, jealousy, and broody behaviour. Instead, use the energy to dig up the roots of the issues still in your way. Take inventory then find a way to get rid of all the trouble once and for all.  Writing down your fears or stumbling blocks and burning them in a fire safe kind of way shows your subconscious you are done with all that now-It’s time for a new story. A magnificent abundance filled, dream come true kind of story

Enter Mars in Sagittarius on Sunday! Mars is our Umph- the planet of action and adventure, anger and courage.  It is our drive. Sexual and otherwise. Jupiter is Sagittarius ruling planet- The benefactor of your bigger picture visions and buoyant ability to bounce back from the difficult stuff ready to try again. What a relief after Scorpio.

From Now to mid April if you find anger an issue in a destructive way try the Bach’s flower remedy Holy. Take care to be kind to your liver too. The liver is associated with anger and if you are dumping too many toxins in your body your liver will suffer.  Fire signs are more prone to sudden anger.  It’s great fuel when used correctly, but it can also be unpredictable and dangerous if not harnessed and directed.

You may find you have truths to tell the world now. Be sure to put yourself in positions to express yourself authentically, an honest Sagittarius specialty. Remember the wise words of Dr. Suess ,”Be who you are,and say how you feel, because those who matter won’t mind, and those who mind don’t matter.” Use this as your motto for the next nine months and you can’t go wrong. Enjoy the refreshing Adventure! Come from the heart.

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