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December 5-11, 2017 Mercury is very much retrograde, traking back through the last few months, making sure we understand what went down. Mars is moving from non-confrontational Libra into fearless Scorpio. The truth keeps coming. Our liberation depends on it.

December 6 Mercury is fused in space with Saturn in Sagittarius. With Mercury in retrograde we are back tracking over the territory we just crossed. Likely this has not been especially easy for any of us. Our fear and regrets can be front and center with somber Saturn flavoring this time. Mars in helpful connection can give you the courage you need.  Courage is developed in the face of fear. Be brave.

Take the time to really understand things while Mercury is retrograde. It will retrace steps that Saturn has taken. This will be Saturn’s last go in Sagittarius before moving to Capricorn.

How honest can you be with yourself?  The truth will set you free to lay new, rock solid foundations you will start building when Saturn moves to Capricorn later this month.

What has happened in your life since December 2014 when Saturn moved into Sagittarius? Be sure you understand. Be sure you have properly reviewed and contained this information so you can move on to the next phase prepared to do the work needed to get you to the best version of your happiest life.

Saturday Mars moves into Scorpio until the end of January. Mars is a go go going concern. Scorpio is on a never-ending quest to transform, evolve, shed. This is some seriously fertile time to stop putting up with putting up. Shit is getting real Mars is going to revel in the focused intent that comes while it travels fast through Scorpio. Passion plus.

Saturday Mercury is connecting helpfully with Uranus.  Brilliance might just appear, out of the blue, in your very own thoughts.  Write that business down.  Flashes of genius happen all the time. Be one of the ones that runs with it.  It will take you to the very best of everything.

Venus Squares Neptune this day too. Our relationship to our values, or what is valuable to us is being confused somehow.  Be alert to deception.  Use your intuition to see the red flags, which may be coming across as pretty white flags with Neptune so strong.  Things are not what the seem.  Go slow.

There is much opportunity to advance your cause this week.  Hopefully you are your cause.  Remember you are a sensitive instrument. You need to take care of your own energy. Go at your own pace.  Rest when you need to. Keep your batteries charged with Loving kindness. Start with you.

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