Hillory Skott

April 12th, 2016
Mars Goes Retrograde


April 11-17, 2016 A magical trine of opportunity between romantic Venus and triumphant Mars happens Tuesday in jump in with both feet fire signs Aries and Sagittarius. Open your heart and make a wish- call in the one for you.  All kinds of new relationships can begin now. Truth and authenticity will be the hallmark of these new and fortunate connections.

Tuesday the magical trine is just one of the lucky planetary mixes that will influence us. Early that day Neptune in dreamy Pisces will connect most fortunately with Mental Mercury in sensuous steadfast Taurus. Romance and a deeply inspired feeling of connection and meant-to-be-ness is likely.

Neptune connected to Mercury could  show up in the form of a highly inspired idea.  Expansive ideas are sifting their way through the denser energies. Pull your attention from anything you are no longer for.

Focus on your breath. Give yourself space to receive the messages from your always loving Higher self and team of ever ready helpful spirit guides. Look for meaningful songs, books, lines in a movie, quotes, something someone says to you, the unusual actions of an animal-the field of possibility is endless. Take notice, give it meaning.

If we turn away from the dazzle of the outer world long enough to tune into the real world inside our very own self- we could be much more effective livers of life, calling in whatever we want or need with a heart full of gratitude. “If we don’t go within we go without.”

On the heels of this dreamy aspect is yet another lucky combo between Mercury the communicator and Jupiter grand seeker of truth. You very well might be overwhelmed with gratitude for a revelation in perspective. Everything comes down to our perspective.  Now you can shift yours effortlessly to one of expansion and spiritual growth.  It’s easy to change when Jupiter drops down a brilliant plan that rings of truth.  Be ready to take notes. Go check out that greener grass, it might be just what your heart desires. And why shouldn’t you have what your heart desires? No reason at all.

The week ends as Mars starts to backtrack through Sagittarius in to Scorpio.  It will be retrograde until June 29th. This occurs every two years.  Mars is a forward moving let’s get a move on energy. An initiator.  It is symbolized by aggression and getting what you want out of life. A strong Mars is what motivates you to make a change.  While Mars is retrograde your usual way of approaching activity and assertion in the world will change.

Now you have a chance to step back and truthfully observe if your current approach to life is actually working in your favor. Travelling through Sagittarius will give you a boost in your ability to be honest with yourself.  With Mars in reverse you can see your life from a different angle.  You can use your energy more efficiently.  This is a time to step into the truth. Who are you? Are you current Beliefs about life helping or hindering? Does someone need to hear the truth? Is it even worth your effort?

You may feel uncertain about things- not sure where to put your energy.  The void is a place between endings and beginnings. By Junes end clarity will arrive and your drive will be in purposeful new directions. Expect health, abundance, Love, and all kinds of content right around the corner. Stick with the program, bob along for awhile. All while surrounded in the most beautiful light.

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