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winters dreamOn December 21, 2014 at 3:03 pm PST we reach one of the four power points of the year. Within a couple hours of the winter solstice the moon will be new in Capricorn, ushering in the light and promising new situations.That same day change maker Uranus shifts into forward motion after holding back for the last five months. There is a surge of forward moving energy. Capricorn gives us serious focus and incredible certainty. Uranus updates us with new programs for better living. Take time this day to carefully think through what you want to release from your world and what you want to create.

Right now Saturn is also moving through the last critical degrees of Scorpio after over two years travelling this intensely probing sign. This is a penetrating energy, expressing the fullness of Scorpio. You will be able to see behind the curtain. The veils of illusion lift and you can glimpse the roots of everything that gets in your way. The Scorpio energy is always itching to grow, evolve, transform. Serious Saturn has been nose to the grindstone, cutting things loose, situations or relationships that hold you back are likely gone now. This energy is loyal yet willing to ruthlessly cut away that which will make it fall. I get the image of rock climbers all tied into each other. One of them falls, threatening to pull the rest of them down, in an instant someone has to decide to cut the rope on the one that has fallen and dangling loose or risk all of them falling to their deaths. Can you imagine? How dramatic, just like Scorpio. Have you been called upon to cut things loose in the last two year?

To make the most of the Solstice plan your year. Imagine that you have magical powers to create the life of your dreams because you do! Figure out what you really really want to create this year. I find mind mapping super helpful. Draw a circle in the middle of a page with the date then draw lines to other circles around the middle circle with images or words about what you choose for the year ahead. It’s important to be clear and detailed. The Saturn ruled Capricorn energy will help you create a step-by-step plan. The power of a step by step plan followed by action is unstoppable. One foot in front of the other will get you where you are going.

Write down on a piece of paper what you want to let go of and either burn it, something so satisfying about watching fire. Or bury it, that too works to remove obstacles from your path. What behaviour is holding you down. What relationship is stopping your progress. Be clear about your choice to offload any negativity and watch as the world assists you in manifesting you most amazing life, a life of Joy, Love, Abundance and Health. It is the purpose of each of us to create the best lives we can for ourselves and those around us. Now, at the time of the Solstice with a helpful focused New Moon there is a whole in the loop. Go through it. New and wonderous things are bubbling to begin. Many Blessings for a Bright and Beautiful next year!

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