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August 11-17,2014 Luxury loving Venus enters theatrical Leo for the next three weeks.  Mercury is moving into voldoeninggrfastidious Virgo creating super human ability to attend to the details.  So darling, attend to the details.  Have fabulous fun with it for best results.  This Virgo energy combined with Leo can draw big fancy perfect things to you-the more detailed you are in your plans for the future the more the Universe can assist you  in drawing what you ever so carefully choose for yourself.

Tuesday Venus moves from family fused Cancer into- Celebratory Leo.  You may be more inclined to generosity and helping others to shine too.  When we can encourage the individual self-expression of others we are on the right track with this energy.  You may be feeling a little self centered now-but, if you don’t make yourself happy who will?  So find the fun.  The work of changing seasons is right around the corner, for now relax into life a little-even a lot if you can pull it off.  Connect with children and find ways to play. Roll down a hill or paint something fantastic. The Leo Sun and Venus support all kinds of unproductive shenanigans. So enjoy yourself as much as possible.

 Mercury is our thought processes and the part of us that gathers information. It is the natural ruling planet of Virgo. Virgo is blessed and cursed with an overwhelming need to constantly improve everything.  You want a Virgo on your team because they can see the forest for the trees. In fact, the whole forest is more difficult to see for a Virgo as it is the details that they so fabulously attend to.  Of course there is the neurotic OCD or hypochondriac possibilities with Virgo too.   If you notice this remind yourself it’s Mercury in Virgo and relax.

 These very different energies could combine nicely to create the perfect platform for careful forward movement. If you need to organize something or change your diet to be more life supporting now would be the time.  There is a definite ability to focus on the self and implement improvements, but make it fun. Otherwise, you might want to rebel. Half the dumb things we do are because we are inwardly rebelling against something.  When rules are imposed on the more free-spirited type, even if it is obviously healthier, or better, the first reaction is to resist the restriction. Remind your inner rebel that, water is good for you, and that healthy eating keeps you healthy into old-age, don’t forget to move your body and get rid of clutter.

 Impose a rule or two to improve your life this week.  Do your best to associate good times with good for you. Then, you can shine your brightest and best self out to the world effortlessly.  Charge yourself with sunshine and commit to be barefoot on the earth as much as possible- this, with clean food and water,and a little Kombucha for good measure, can carry you into the future as a happy healthy human being. Intend the best and the best will be. Let it be

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