Hillory Skott

February 6-12, 2017
Watch for a dazzling Lunar Eclipse Friday when the moon is Full in royal Leo. What needs changing will change. Romance could come out of the blue. Life can come unglued as it morphs into the new scenarios you called forth in your past.

Tuesday Mercury moves into Aquarius.  This is wonderful news for us emotionals.  Its exhausting interpreting the different feelings all the time. With Mercury in Aquarius our minds are crackling with non-attached logic. Clear thinking brilliance is available to us now.

If you have any connections to Uranus in your own chart you are likely rebellious, eccentric, even shocking. For instance, I love to use inappropriate language.  Love it.  Even more so when my hubby disapproves of my creative use of the English language. Bwha ha ha.  Swearing is a Uranian tool to have fun shocking.  I have Mercury Square Uranus in my own chart.  Let the eccentric part of yourself out now, it has brilliant gifts for you. And it’s probably funny.  Who doesn’t love some funny?

Friday the Lunar Eclipse full moon in Leo is happening. We will be feeling this all week.  The Eclipses bring change. If we have subconscious material that needs clearing – it’s coming up now.  Not always fun. But, always fruitful.  Be present.  Don’t rush out of the uncomfortable spaces. Ground yourself and breath into it.  Where do you feel the discomfort in your body?  All it usually takes to move to the other side of awful feelings is for us to stand witness. Acknowledge, feel.

This Eclipse is in Leo. Leo is a warm encouraging, happy to be themselves energy. Leo is ruled by the sun and the sun is meant to shine.  Aquarius is the opposite of Leo and involved in this full moon.  Aquarius cares about the whole, the group is what matters.  Somehow you have to find a group to be involved in that allows you to be your unabashed true and total self.

That is the conundrum. Groups can be weird.  Prey on the week.  Pecking order.  What do you do with a nail that sticks up out of the board too much? You hammer it down. That’s a Japanese philosophy.  But with the Aquarius ruled age of the internet all us weirdos can find our people. Phew. So happy we found each other.

Get clear and certain. Use your magic.  Call on your guides.  Help is all around. Answers are there.  Shine your light.

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