Hillory Skott

March 2nd, 2017
Logic is at a loss


February 27-March 5, 2017  We are feeling the effects of Yesterday’s New Moon Solar Eclipse in Pisces. This is a powerfully creative window of time to set your intentions for this next phase of your life.  Don’t be a bobbing boat- choose your course and aim for your destination.  Your clarity may just appear in the fog.

Our logic is at a loss now- we must use our inner knowing to happily progress. A lot has changed in the past few weeks,the pull to keep shedding old skin is strong and unrelenting.

On Wednesday Neptune is fusing with the Sun in Pisces. Mental Mercury is here too- A stellium of planets all lined up in a row. Our senses are heightened, our awareness is crossing time and space-boundless, untethered.

It can be disorienting or clarifying. I recommend connecting yourself with the Solar light of the Sun. Our purpose can be on purpose. There is a higher path, one with Joy, Love, Abundance, Clarity and so much Peace and Beauty.

Though a path like this is within our reach it’s tricky to separate yourself from the past, it’s like we are programmed to loop. Like a bunch of dumb asses endlessly repeating.

We have the power to un-dull our senses and know grow towards the light. Like a plant does.  We have the blueprint to the higher path encoded within us.

We each left ourselves the game plan in our birthchart. There is  a Light inside tirelessly leading you to your highest ideals. Dust yourself off and get going. Get centered to tune in. Use your magic. Call yourself back.

Thursday boundless Jupiter in Libra is in opposition to rebel Uranus in Aries-they seek freedom and Justice, truth and evolution. It’s like being pulled in different directions. One part of you is thinking about what you want.  Just You.

The other part is concerned about expanding in the realm of relationships. Where you have to think about what ‘not you’ wants. Very different agendas of equal import. You are feeling like it has to be either/or, instead know it can be this and that.

Saturday Venus goes retrograde until mid April.  Here is a chance to retrace steps- refocus on what brings Value to your life.  Are you focused on the material world? We often chase what we think will bring value only to realize there is no value in the new car, job,mate. We must get real with ourselves. The more you Love yourself the more likely you will align with a sacred partner if you choose.

Who are you and what do you need to feel Loved? Past relationships may resurface now,helping you to understand what went wrong. It’s best to go forward with clarity. You can gain a deeper understanding of what is holding you back if you look into the sorrow of it all.

Spontaneous fated connections are possible too.  Be careful not to over commit until Venus is direct again mid- April. Bide your time- observe.  Could be magic- might be a lesson that needs learning. Go forward with eyes wide open.

This week make your work be love and kindness to yourself.  Being human is a brave act.  Give yourself some credit, give yourself some Love.  Maybe some dark chocolate too.  Keep breathing through all this swirling change. Raise up to the next level.  There is Love, Light and Help all around you.

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