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February 12th, 2015

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Libra in Relationship


Astrology is an invaluable tool to understand yourself and others. The snapshot of where the planets are when you are born create your birth chart- this gives insight as to who you are born to become. Astrology gives us a way to understand our relationships too, helping foster an attitude of understanding and tolerance of our differences. We are each uniquely ourselves, meant to be different, it is in accepting our differences that we can create loving life long bonds.


Libra is a peace seeking harmony loving sign ruled by Venus. Charming and attractive, Libra is the perfect partner. In fact, Libra really specializes in partnership, always considering the other point of view. This makes them considerate and likable to everyone. Libra is the sign of the politician or the lawyer. They have an uncanny knack for reflecting back to us what we want to see. They have a talent for being genuinely neutral. Art, fashion, the beauty industry, are all appealing to Libra, seeker of the finer things in life. Peace truly is a goal for most Libras which creates a lovely vibe of peace in and around the lives of the positive Libra.


Libra can be tricky to pin down. They can be slippery in their speech leaving others to assume they are on the same page. The same quality that makes them great lawyers also make Libra seem insincere. Libra can have issues with acquiring beautiful objects. Dazzled by trends and needing the latest beautiful bit of technology can break the bank. This superficial streak is found in more airy types who like to avoid the crass world of reality for a little glamour here and there. If you want an honest opinion Libra would not be your first choice. Libras are naturally skilled at telling you what you want to hear. Most people eventually realize this, causing them to question the truth and depth of their relationship.


Libra is in love with love. Romance and the little luxuries that come with courtship are some of Libras favorite things. Socializing and connecting with the community are second nature to a Libra and you will need to make space for this in your relationship. Libra is happy as long as there is peace, which makes for a mostly harmonious partner. Libra is not a decision maker and is happiest with someone who likes to take the lead. It’s natural for Libra to compromise, they won’t mind working something out that works for everyone. Keep this relationship thriving by making date night a priority. Romantic getaways now and again can keep the magic bubbling year after year.


The Libra Libra relationship is stimulating to both parties. There could be many shared interests and a love of socialising. Libra seeks harmony, but often attracts the opposite, perhaps to learn the value of peaceful situations. Libra likes beauty and abhors ugliness of any kind. Getting to the truth of the matter can seem difficult, effort is required to understand the less pleasant aspects of life. Each partner is filled with vigor, but is too demanding to be catered to for long. Decision making can be impossible for the Libra couple. Perhaps a third party could assist when truly important matters need attention. With true love and compromise this may be a beautiful relationship.

Libra Compatability

The Aries Libra relationship is truly one of opposites – in fact, these two are actual opposites in Astrology. Each is here to learn from the other. Aries is action and initiation, self assertion and raw courage. Libra is constantly weighing the options, seeking balance and harmony, always considering others. Libra is gracious and polite. Aries can be rude and disinterested. Aries loves a good fight and Libra will find this distasteful. It won’t be easy to keep the balance, but if true love is in the house, it can be a relationship of real growth and expansion for both.

The Taurus Libra relationship has some great qualities. Both are Venus ruled and appreciate beauty, harmony and art. This shared love of the finer things only goes so far. Libra loves to flirt and this makes jealous Taurus angry and hurt. Taurus likes things steady, balanced, and though Libra seeks balance, is more often swinging from one extreme to the next. Taurus likes routine and Libra feels cornered by it. Libra will frustrate security seeking Taurus with an inability to commit to anything. Taurus makes decisions with ease, while Libra is always on the fence. a relationship not made to last.

The Libra Gemini relationship is filled with excitement, spontaneous vacations, and samplings of worldly indulgences. Gemini is quick and witty, Libra is charming and kind. They make a great match in social situations. Libra may find Gemini’s lack of financial concern scary when the honeymoon is over and may have to take over in that department to assure security. Geminis constantly shifting moods could burden Libras already shifty emotional landscape. But if this love is true these issues would only be minor blips on the radar. There is likely to be encouragement, enthusiasm, love and harmony, in this flexible partnership.

The Libra Cancer relationship brings two very different worlds together. Cancer finds pleasure at home while Libra simply needs a social circle and outside engagements. Libra Loves to shop for pretty things, staying on top of fashion. Cancer will not understand such unnecessary extravagance. Security seeking moody Cancer needs contact and cuddles while Libra lives in the world of the intellect and likes to be considered rational rather than emotional. Libra is going to try to change Cancer and Cancer will dig those heels in and refuse. A totally complicated, short-lived relationship at best. Find your true Love elsewhere.

The Libra Leo relationship could be a winner. Libra is attracted to the warmth and generosity of Leo. Leo appreciates Libras charming personality and pleasing sense of style. Leo may, at times, be too bossy for Libra, who likes things fair, but Leo has a sunny basic nature that draws the harmony seeking Libra. Libra may be worried by Leos random streaks of laziness, but soon learns how to charm Leo back into action with perfectly placed flattery. With true love involved this could be a lasting and happy partnership. Leo and Libra find life will be even better together.

The Virgo Libra relationship might start with fascinating conversation. Both signs have keen observant minds. But sooner or latter Virgo will turn their flaw finding ability toward Libra, intending to be helpful. VIrgo is on a Mission to constantly improve and Libra wants to have fun. Being reminded of your flaws is no fun. Virgo will never understand random purchases. Frivolity is a major turn off. Seeking perfection is serious business for Virgo and Libra won’t tolerate the critical eye for long. This union will be difficult for both signs and will likely fizzle fast with no shared values.

The Libra Libra relationship is stimulating to both parties. There could be many shared interests and a love of socialising. Libra seeks harmony, but often attracts the opposite, perhaps to learn the value of peaceful situations. Libra likes beauty and abhors ugliness of any kind. The tricky part is that both love the opposite sex so much they can be prone to rome. Which would be OK if both parties agree. Each partner is filled with vigor, but too demanding to be catered to for long. It’s just not the sort of stuff long-term partnerships are built on.

The Libra Scorpio relationship will likely be tumultuous. At first Libra will adore Scorpios intense passion and declarations of love. But soon enough all this love will start to feel like a stranglehold to Libra. The more Libra pulls away the tighter Scorpio will hold. Libra is too curious a creature to be so certain of this relationship. Scorpio likes finances to be secure and Libra likes to go with the flow. The odds are high Libra will look for a lighter hearted partner elsewhere and Scorpio will find this drama unforgivable. These two are serious trouble. Look elsewhere.

The Libra Sagittarius relationship is a wonderful friendship. Libra loves the Sagittarius ability to be open and honest. Both signs enjoy happy situations and adventure. Sadge has a knack for winging it and Libra says, “why not?”. Going with the flow is great until the real world demands attention. Once the dreamy jaunts become old school, life makes it real and that is when both partners are better off elsewhere. Both these signs could use a more practical responsible partner to help balance all the whimsy. Life thrives in balanced situations and these two are all play and no work.

The Libra Capricorn relationship looks good at a dinner party. Capricorn will love Libras hosting abilities recognizing how helpful this is for the Capricorn obsession with career. At first Libra will admire this pointed focus on achievement, but soon enough will realize career always comes first to Capricorn. Capricorn will lose all respect for Libra when the spending habits are revealed. Libra can’t understand Capricorns weird obsession with stockpiling cash. Capricorn figures if I love you has been said once that should do it. Libra loves to hear daily declarations of undying love. Needs will not be met in this relationship.

The Libra Aquarius relationship works on many levels. They probably met at an interesting social function and instantly found similar interests. Its tricky to get any time alone together, both signs are drawn to activity and unusual people. Luckily there will be much leeway for both to go in opposite directions. Problems can arise when Aquarius acts indifferent to Libras sensitivities. Libra is hurt and Aquarius won’t understand. Libra cares very much what others think and reacts accordingly-Aquarius believes what other people think is thier business. If there can be an understanding of different perspectives this could be a great relationship.

The Libra Pisces relationship is a complicated one. At first Libra loves this, admires the romantic sensitive Pisces and appreciates the attention and dreamy feel of this character. That is until the moody depressive side of Pisces makes an appearance,. Libra likes to dramatize emotions but does not relate to the feelings of the watery Pisces. Pisces needs a more sensitive partner to understand the need to withdrawal, while Libra can’t understand the concept of going within. Libra needs someone more grounded and lighthearted to thrive with. Pisces is just too tuned into other worlds for Libra to truly connect.

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