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April 10-16  The Moon is full in Libra, the sign of relationship on April 10, 2017. Is it time to partner up?  Or to cut the ties. Endings are just beginnings do what needs doing.

It‘s the last week of Venus retrograde too.  What have you learned about your relationships? The last 5 weeks has had you review your life to understand what you value. Do you have a clear idea of what you value now?

This Libra full moon has us concerned with justice, peace, beauty and our connections to others. It is squaring Pluto, which is one of the most difficult of relationships.

Pluto is relentlessly unearthing obstacles, constantly pushing you ever forward. You had a game plan coming into this life, Pluto is not letting you get off track for nothing?.

Libra is the kind of energy that just might get off track trying to fit in, be likable, charming, tolerant, accommodating.  All lovely ways to be, but never more important than being who you came here to be. This is the struggle of this Full moon

Sincere or Insincere? How far will you bend?  Future foundations are being laid. Begin as you intend to go on. That’s a great rule for everything you ever do.

Full moons are good for letting go.  What can you release?  Where can you make some space?  Obligation is a bore. A total yawn. Life is too short for such a concept.   Begin as you intend to go on.  Full moons can take away your bad habits- offer them up.

With Venus in Aries the courage to stand up for what you believe and the fire you need to take action is available.  This energy may have built bridges or burned them- depending on what was best for you.  Luckily people will be more clear now, forthright and honest.  You be you and I’ll be me. High five!

The last two weeks Venus has been in Pisces.  A much more sensitive energy. Telepathic connections, inspiration, cosmic cross referencing. Life can be downright delightful or terribly dreadful. Depends on which wolf you are feeding.

Focus on dreams made real. Stir the cosmic soup, sprinkle in your favorite ingredients, your high ideals and secret wishes. Our power to create first begins in our imagination and Pisces is the master of imagination. Conjure dear darling, now is the time to use your magic.

Thursday April 13th the sun is fusing with Planet of sudden inspiration. Uranus loves to shock.  Makes change by blindsiding us, forcing us to adapt in a fast and furious fashion. Like lightning. This is an explosive day.

It’s all going down with the Aries Sun ablaze, so much fire to contend with. Take care with fiery things this day.  If there is a situation you need to be free of, this day will shake the cage.

Be on your toes knowing you never saw it coming. You have the courage you need to jump now. Even without an apparent net.

Venus is Direct on Sunday.  Review the last six weeks for new understandings.  Have your values changed? Who shown up? What is worth bringing into the future with you? How have your relationships changed?

This is the last week before the Sun slides into Taurus to give us all some slow down time.

Enjoy the process. Life is working to bring you into alignment with who you came to be.  Make your moves. Lead with your Heart.

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