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RadiantHeartJanuary 20-26, 2014 the sun is in boundary busting Aquarius-Tear down the walls.Thwart and innovate.Now we can lift out of limitations and see our very Own way to do things. We are here to be Unique-It takes an inner discipline to bravely stand in the center of who you really are. Retrograde Venus in Capricorn is lending the Saturn strength to get down to the business of living well. Success is built on effort. A thousand mile journey beings with a single step.


One of the things we are learning from Venus back tracking in Capricorn until the end of the month is to Love ourselves. Our own sense of value and worth has been under inspection for the last month or so. Honoring and Loving yourself is what it takes to get to happy and fulfilled. Every relationship is mirroring your relationship to yourself. If you have been rejected ask how you might be rejecting yourself. We are complex creatures. Astrology is a wonderful tool to really grasp just how varied and unique each one of us is.

What do you need to do to realize you are perfect just as you are; that your needs and wants are legitimate? To get anywhere we absolutely have to Love Love Love ourselves. Take the rest of this month to put some real effort into evaluating how you are unloving to yourself. What do the situations and people in your life show you about how you feel about you? Do you Love Admire and Accept yourself as you are right now? Venus will show you what you need to know.

This Aquarius sun is going to lift us up. There is a lovely detached energy about Aquarius. I have learned many great lessons in detachment from the people I’ve known with Aquarius in their charts. If you tend towards the emotional it’s essential to learn to detach. Take nothing personally. When you move out of the tumultuous emotional body and into the mind you have a better chance at seeing the lesson in what might feel like painful rejections leading to deep self doubt.

Now is our chance to shake off the debilitating attitudes and feelings of low self-worth. We can support ourselves Unconditionally. Take back your time and peace of mind. When you hear that little voice that says “who do you think you are?” Remember you are a powerful being here to create a life of Purpose, Passion, Love, Abundance and Freedom. Your dreams are showing you the possibilities, they clarify your potential. This week and forever Let go of the limiting stories you tell yourself about what you deserve-align yourself with a fabulous fulfilling future!

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