Hillory Skott

July 10-16, 2017 -A more gentle week ahead. The sun is in cozy home loving Cancer helping you get things in order on the family front. A stable, safe, secure loving little nest is what we all need to spread our wings and fly in the real world. Keep that in mind while you plot your next power play. Balance is the key to lasting happiness almost always.
With Mercury in Leo and Venus in Gemini it’s likely that you are going to be happy to leave the nest you are fluffing up in you down time and get out into the world and show them your stuff. Communications should be most interesting. Even flamboyant. Your curiosity will definitely be piqued.
Venus in Gemini will bring a circulating energy through the cosmos. This is great for those of you that can get stuck in a rut. How boring. Life is for exploring, for sampling. Don’t miss the opportunity to do just that.
The Mercury Leo energy will help you to be happy being you. Feel the encouragement to express your authentic self. Have fun with it. Let that inner child your out for some play time. In fact, keep that kiddo alive and active at all times. Let go of your overly adulty perspective, see again as if it is for the very first time. Create. Play. Dance. Sing. Be.
Friday the 14 th is a good day to make a move. Say something that you have been afraid to say. If you have been holding back you words for some reason this Fridays sextile between Mercury in cheerful Leo and Jupiter in charming Libra will create wonderful opportunities to speak up and out. A great day to get out and mingle. You just might find someone lovely who you connect with through humour and warmth.

Sunday will be a busy, emotional day.  You will have the discipline to deal with whatever comes your way. You may just feel like doing exactly what you want but find there are obligations, or situations you have to deal with that you just don’t jive.  Watch for frustration that can lead to a foot stomping show down. Blow ups are likely.  Just as quickly as the anger rises it disappears.  Poof.  Exercise or any physical activity will help channel this energy.
In general this is a much calmer week with much less acute pressure than last week.  Allow whatever is to be to be.  Stop trying so hard.  Relax.  Let go. There is much light all around.
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