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February 14th, 2015

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Leo in Relationship


Astrology is an invaluable tool to understand yourself and others. The snapshot of where the planets are when you are born create your birth chart- this gives insight as to who you are born to become. Astrology gives us a way to understand our relationships too, helping foster an attitude of understanding and tolerance of our differences. We are each uniquely ourselves, meant to be different, it is in accepting our differences that we can create loving life long bonds.


Leos are warm encouraging life loving companions. They have a way of helping others feel that they are special. People feel warm in the under the glow of this Sun ruled sign. Leo is a creative self-expressive Soul the needs the admiration of others to thrive. A natural performer you will often find Leos in the spotlight. This regal creature is fiercely protective of loved ones and quick to come the defence if need be. Leo has the heart of a Lion, which is its astrological symbol, they are wide open and loving. Expect to be treated like a royal, Leo likes to give gifts of all kinds: jewellery, compliments, messages. There is love of the luxurious and sense of entitlement that gives Leo the gift of getting what they want almost all the time. A sunny personality indeed.


Leo can have a knack for always being the center of attention. They can be painfully self-centered, finding it difficult to pay attention to what you might be saying, and rehearse what they are about to say in response. When it’s not about them they can sometimes zone out. Leo has giant pride. And has a serious lazy streak that can seem unending. They expect others to shower them with compliments and they love to be flattered. If they don’t get the attention they desire they may turn cold and stop shining their sunshiny selves on you. Leo is born with a dramatic sense of self-importance that can sometimes be exaggerated. They need to learn that we are all equals in this world. That we all need time to shine. Not a sign that likes complex situations they prefer that life be simple.


Leo needs a partner who recognizes their worth. In the right relationship all the positive qualities will shine brightly. Leo is a supportive partner who encourages there loved ones to succeed in life and fulfill their potential. The Leo home will be warm and most likely beautiful. Leo can be stubborn and fixed in situations that don’t always make sense to more flexible characters. A Leo relationship is a fiery one with passion and theatrical outbursts. This creative soul needs life to have some flare. Fun is always a priority for Leo. Leo is happiest with a loyal mate who deeply appreciates them and does not require the spotlight. Leo’s love romance and long-term commitment.


The Leo Leo relationship might be soul mate material. Both have the same wants, needs and desires. They share a love of fancy things and impeccable presentation. Both are warm, encouraging and full of childlike love. The tricky part comes in when each Leo wants to be the boss. Neither will put up with orders, ever. So who will bossy Leo boss around? Compromise is unlikely with Leo, it hurts the pride too much. If each Leo could learn to bend a little, then True love is possible. And it might be a deeply fulfilling life long partnership- with a little work.

Leo Compatability

The Aries Leo relationship could really work, maybe. There will be a fiery, passionate start that could last with some work from both parties. Leo loves to be adored and will need to feel honored and cherished. Aries will find this a bother after the initial passion has worn off. If true love is here both may be willing to make the effort required. Leo has to understand Aries need for freedom and movement. Aries needs to let Leo know how adorable they are. These fire signs use knowing and intuition to navigate. Luckily they do get each other.

The Taurus Leo relationship starts off in a blaze. Leo loves the sensuous steady energy of the Taurus. And Taurus is smitten with Leos warmth, charm and generosity. Both are secure financially which creates harmony. There is a shared love of luxury and comfort. Both signs know how to relax. But Taurus can get tired of Leo being so self-centered and can tire of being on the sidelines while Leo occupies center stage. Taurus feels forgotten and withdraws, Leo feels the change but is too prideful to grovel. Not enough compromise between these willful giants to expect long-term harmony.

The Leo Gemini relationship is busy and exciting for the first while. These two both enjoy seeing the sights and nights out on the town. A relationship may start fast with a bang, but once real life sets in the differences are obvious. Leos need for attention gets in the way of Geminis constant search for new information and interesting people. This is baffling to Leo who wants to be the center of the universe. Gemini will find Leos passion interesting until Leos need to rule the lives of their loved ones starts to strangle. This pair won’t last long.

The Cancer Leo relationship has many good points. Leos need to be put on a pedestal is fine by Cancer who showers affection on their loved ones. Cancer is warm and caring and Leo is encouraging and proud. Leo respects Cancers respect for family bonds, unless it gets in the way of the relationship. Which it very well might. Leo is flashy and fashion conscious. Cancer likes classic and is careful with their funds. Cancers need for reassurance in love will only be met momentarily as ultimately these two are not a match. Characters too different to create a harmonious love relationship.

The Leo Leo relationship might be soulmate material. Both have the same wants, needs and desires. They share a love of fancy things and impeccable presentation. Both are warm, encouraging and full of childlike love. The tricky part comes in when each Leo wants to be the boss. Neither will put up with orders, ever. So who will bossy Leo boss around? Compromise is unlikely with Leo, it hurts the pride too much. If each Leo could learn to bend a little, then True love is possible. And it might be a deeply fulfilling life long partnership- with work.

The Virgo Leo relationship might happen by accident, but soon enough the lack of shared values will be obvious. Virgo is careful with money and Leo can be downright extravagant. Though Leo may be hard working at some times there are also times of sheer laziness that will drive Virgo mad. Virgo might then start sharing their cutting observations which Leo’s prideful ego will not be able to tolerate. Leo needs flattery and praise with oodles of one-on-one attention. Virgo is busy doing things that are more important. Virgo will seem cold to fiery Leo- arguments ensue.

The Libra Leo relationship could be a winner. Libra is attracted to the warmth and generosity of
Leo. Leo appreciates Libras charming personality and pleasing sense of style. Leo may, at times, be too bossy for Libra, who likes things fair, but Leo has a sunny basic nature that draws the harmony seeking Libra. Libra may be worried by Leos random streaks of laziness, but soon learns how to charm Leo back into action with perfectly placed flattery. With true love involved this could be a lasting and happy partnership. Leo and Libra find life will be even better together.

The Scorpio Leo relationship is filled with drama. Scorpios need to know every detail is fine, but his inability to share his own secrets cause frustration for Leo. The Scorpio intensity is appealing for a spell, but then it gets bothersome to lighthearted Leo. Scorpio is more dark than light shining Leo. Nothing but shadows comes from this pair. Both want control and neither likes to be controlled. Leo likes to feel at the center of Scorpios world. But Scorpios need to dredge things up really irritates Leo. Though heated arguments are likely a long-term relationship is not.

The Sagittarius Leo relationship is exciting indeed. Passionate and spontaneous beginnings are a guarantee. Both are warm encouraging fire signs. Adventure and fun will follow them whereever they go. Issues arrive when Leo seems to need more coddling than Sadge is willing to give, it’s crampy having to be there for someone on that level. Leo wants adoration and Sadge expects independence. This could work with many concessions. But the Sadge might not be able to restrict their behaviour to please Leo. Sadge is authentic where Leo can be all about the flattery. Great friendship but iffy partnership

The Capricorn Leo relationship is contentious. Leo’s showy nature makes wallflower Capricorn cringe at parties. Leo loves a little flattery, not minding a little exaggeration. Capricorn finds flattery an insult. Leo wants sweeping declarations of undying love and Cap feels duty has been done when I love you was said at the wedding, or the birth of the first born. Leo is warm, generous and encouraging. Capricorn is a little cold, careful with handouts, and critical. Capricorn humor is dry, Leo’s goofy. Such different characters are destined to irritate each other. This will be obvious in no time at all.

The Aquarius Leo relationship is one of opposites. They do share fixed ideas about things and a huge ego. This can cause trouble. Leo is concerned with flash and getting ahead in life. Aquarius cares not for material items and is trying to save humanity. Leo thinks this unrealistic and Aquarius thinks Leo superficial. Each does have important lessons to learn about balance in this relationship. Aquarius just won’t be able to give Leo the warmth and attention necessary to be happy. A friendship is more likely, happy even. A romance, a battle until the sad end.

The Pisces Leo relationship is a complicated one. Leo can understand a blue mood here or there, but cannot relate to the deep dark depression Pisces can slip into. Leo has a pretty even temperament and Pisces moods shift like the sand. When they meet in the right space and time they can connect romantically, but Pisces is never sure what feeling comes next. Leo needs a sense of strength in a partner and Pisces needs space to be alone and sort through the feelings. Both are generous, but Pisces is not really the reliable mate Leo is looking for.

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